He attended the Royal Courts of Justice for the final day of his lawsuit against Associated Newspapers

Prince Harry’s subtle nod to wife Meghan Markle as he appears in court

By wearing Dior to the final day of his lawsuit against Associated Newspapers at the Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday, the Duke of Sussex demonstrated that he and wife Meghan have similar taste in clothing.

The Duchess of Sussex also favors the bee motif in her own looks, especially with her Dior ‘D-Bee’ satin clutch bags, of which she owns two. The Prince was wearing the Dior ‘Bee Shirt,’ which costs £800.


Prince Harry arrived at the Royal Courts of Justice for the final day of his lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Photo: Indigo


Meghan has had a long-standing relationship with Dior and has previously sported custom clothing from the French fashion house. She also owns the iconic Lady D-Lite handbag, a variation of the Lady Dior that was touchingly named in honor of Princess Diana, the late husband of Prince Harry.

Maybe Harry’s fashionable wife gave him the bee-embroidered shirt. even though it is well known that he has his own connection to the company through Kim Jones, artistic director of Dior Homme.


Prince Harry wore a Dior shirt with an embroidered bee motif
Photo: Getty Images


When Harry was scheduled to address the UN General Assembly in New York on International Nelson Mandela Day in July 2022, the fashion house tweeted to confirm that Kim Jones had created a suit specifically for him to wear. In fact, given how similar it looks, it might even be the exact same suit the Prince opted to wear to court on Thursday.

The Sussexes have been open about the fact that they convey a message through their clothing. During her final week as a working royal in the UK, Meghan revealed that she had purposefully chosen to wear bright colors. She made this admission while speaking candidly on the Harry and Meghan documentary on Netflix.

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She said, “Up until that last week in the UK, I rarely wore color. I just tried to blend in. I never wanted to upstage, or ruffle any feathers.”


The Duchess of Sussex often carries a Dior clutch bag with a bee embellishment
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Harry clarified, “We weren’t with the family. It was our opportunity to go out with a bang to be honest. But I wore a lot of color that week… I just felt like, ‘Let’s just look like a rainbow.'” She continued: “But I wore a lot of color that week.”

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