Prince Harry's nephew's Trooping outfit was strikingly similar to one he wore as a child at a Kensington Palace engagement

Prince Louis wears identical outfit to the one his uncle Prince Harry wore 34 years ago

The children of the Prince and Princess of Wales rarely appear in public, but when they do, they always look their best. On Saturday’s Trooping the Colour, the three kids were cooperating with each other and their parents as they frequently do.

The trio looked precious in matching red, blue, and white outfits for King Charles’ first parade as monarch. These are the colors of the Union Jack flag.


A then-Prince Charles With Prince William and Prince Harry At Beating The Retreat, Kensington Palace.  Photo: Getty Images

Princess Charlotte chose a knee-length white dress with red accents, while Prince George opted for a full navy suit that made him look very mature, a white shirt, and a red tie.

As opposed to his older brother, Prince Louis, 5, looked adorable in red shorts, a navy blue blazer, a white shirt, a red tie, and blue shoes with knee-high socks.

Royal enthusiasts with keen eyes for detail immediately noted that Prince Harry had worn a nearly identical ensemble in 1989.


Prince Louis looked adorable in his red shorts as he walked alongside his siblings
Photo: Getty Images


The Beating Retreat military ceremony was held in the Orangery of Kensington Palace in London on June 29, 1989. The youngest, who was just turning five at the time, looked adorable as he went with his father, the then-Prince of Wales, and his brother, Prince William.

Harry, who had a bowl cut, dressed in red shorts, a navy blue blazer, a white and red striped shirt, a green and red tie, blue shoes, and knee-high socks for the special occasion.

Even though they both have the same appearance, they differ noticeably, proving that Louis didn’t steal his uncle’s old clothes this time.


Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis ride in a horse-drawn carriage with Princess Kate and Queen Camilla at Trooping the Colour
Photo: Getty Images


Prince Louis donned the same white and blue outfit worn by Prince Harry to the same event in 1986, when he was also one year old, for his first-ever balcony appearance during Trooping the Colour.

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The similarity between Princess Anne, who was seen in the pictures holding a young Prince Harry, and Kate, who was seen holding Prince Louis, didn’t end there.


Prince Louis wore Prince Harry’s white and blue outfit for his balcony debut back in 2019
Photo: Getty Images


Kate Middleton and Prince William are known for frequently dressing their kids in baby clothes. George wore the same baby blue outfit that his father, William, did in 1984 when he was one year old in 2015.

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