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Prince William and Kate Middleton react to good news during holiday – ‘We are delighted’

A new book called Puzzles For Spies, a children’s collection of puzzles compiled by Britain’s master codebreakers, has a foreword written by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In order to produce it, publisher Puffin collaborated with Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ. Prince William and Kate expressed their enthusiasm for the project.

We are thrilled that the talented GCHQ team has been hard at work on a third puzzle book, and that this edition is written for younger readers, the authors wrote.

They joked, “Hopefully this means we find them easier to solve…,” as they continued.


The couple are due to return to their new Windsor home soon, ahead of school starting next week
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“As a family, we are familiar with the crucial work that GCHQ performs. We have firsthand experience with how staff members adapt to new threats and are continually motivated to protect our country’s security by their dedication.

“One of the most significant global challenges in recent memory was the Covid-19 pandemic. It interfered with our ability to go to work, school, and socialize in the manner in which we are all used to.

“This affected each and every one of us, and sadly, we know that it will take years before the full extent of the pandemic’s impact on the country’s mental health is understood.

“Your purchase of the book will enable the Royal Foundation to continue its work in mental health at a time when that support is more important than ever.

“We are looking forward to working with our kids to solve these puzzles, and we also hope that this book will encourage meaningful conversation between friends and families.

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“The first step in eradicating stigma, fear, and isolation can be opening up conversations about mental health.


The couple flew to Scotland two weeks ago to holiday at Balmoral
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Bringing diverse viewpoints together can frequently be the key to unlocking a solution you can’t quite find on your own, just like at GCHQ.

The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will receive the proceeds from GCHQ’s portion of the advance and royalties for the book, which are expected to total at least £20,000 in the first year, in order to support its work in the area of mental health.

Puzzles For Spies includes codes and brainteasers, word riddles and language puzzles, personal accounts from GCHQ staff members, and introduces readers to many facets of the work done by GCHQ.

Young readers of the book are hoped to find a discipline or role that complements their skills and strengths and understand the value of collaboration and a diverse range of viewpoints in achieving a common objective.



The GCHQ Puzzle Book and The GCHQ Puzzle Book II, two puzzle books for adults that GCHQ previously produced, have combined sales of 500,000 copies.

Although it is believed that the Cambridge family is still on vacation in Scotland, they are anticipated to return soon to their new Windsor residence before their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, begin attending Lambrook.

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