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Prince William and Princess Kate make extremely rare comment about Prince George

When she appeared at the Six Nations on Saturday wearing a coat dress she had previously worn while carrying Prince Louis, the Princess of Wales caused a stir. The royal mother also shared an uncommon glimpse into her kids’ interests, including Princess Charlotte’s, which might surprise you.

At a pre-game reception, Princess Catherine, 41, revealed her children’s sporting side while attending the Wales vs. England Six Nations rugby match in Cardiff with her husband, Prince William, 40.


The Prince and Princess of Wales attended the Six Nations game
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The mother of three described how Prince George, their oldest child, is improving his rugby abilities at school. From tag rugby to touch rugby, the nine-year-old is progressing and learning how to tackle.

“Catherine stated, adding, “They move them around for their confidence. They are trying to teach him the rules. He has the physique because he is tall.”

The Princess also mentioned George’s siblings. “But then there is Louis coming. Charlotte also does rugby,” she said.

It’s not shocking that William and Catherine’s kids are encouraged to show their athletic side. The athletic prowess of the Princess of Wales is undoubtedly influencing her children, who are already modeling her sailing, tennis, and skiing abilities.


Prince George previously joined his parents at the Euros 2020
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Princess Charlotte’s love of football has previously been made known by Prince William, who told the Lionesses: “Charlotte wants me to tell you she’s really good in goal…a budding star for the future!”

The Princess would be quite the royal trailblazer should she decide to pursue a career in rugby or football, even though she most certainly wouldn’t be the first female royal to play sports competitively given that she comes from a long line of enthusiastic equestrians and Olympians.

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Princess Charlotte is a keen footballer
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Queen Elizabeth II, the late great-grandmother of the royal family, never even attended school, let alone participated in extracurricular sports like rugby or cricket.

Fortunately, the school attended by Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis is regarded as having some of the best sports facilities in the nation.

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