The royal couple attended the King's coronation on 6 May

Prince William and Princess Kate tease exciting news after sharing coronation weekend family video

The third annual Earthshot Prize awards ceremony received an exciting update on Sunday from the Prince and Princess of Wales, much to the delight of royal fans.

The 2023 host city will be revealed, according to a teaser posted to The Earthshot Prize’s official Twitter account by Prince William and Princess Catherine’s representatives.

Where is the #EarthshotPrize going in 2023? read the tweet. Emoticon for “looking eyes”.


The royal couple played a key role at King Charles III’s coronation


The phrase “We’ll tell you tomorrow” appeared in the poll below, surprising royal fans who expected each word to have its own answer box.

One fan was shocked by the news and said, “Omg finally!!! I’m excited to find out,” said one person, adding, “My guesses are New Zealand or Australia.”

Another person added, “Now that’s funny! awaiting another fantastic one!” a fourth wrote: “This news, plus Catherine has two engagements next week, and William will be at the FA Cup final tonight. Please pinch me.

The Earthshot Prize, which will be introduced by the Duke and The Royal Foundation in October 2020, was motivated by President John F. Kennedy’s 1960s “Moonshot” campaign, which urged millions of people to support the US space program.


Prince William and Princess Kate attending the Earthshot Prize 2021 at Alexandra Palace
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It is based on five ‘Earthshot’ objectives: preserve and restore nature; improve climate; clean air; revive our oceans; and create a world without waste. By 2030, the top 50 environmental problems in the world will have at least 50 solutions thanks to five £1 million prizes that will be given out annually for the following ten years.

The star-studded inaugural ceremony began in London’s Alexandra Palace in 2021, and it began in Boston in 2022, on the other side of the pond.

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The prestigious awards were given to five winners from around the world during the ceremony from the previous year, and Prince William then entered the room.


The couple spoke to David Beckham
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“When I founded this Prize in 2020, it was with the ambition to harness the same spirit of ingenuity, that inspired President John F. Kennedy to challenge the American people to put a person on the moon within a decade,” the father of three said, offering a message of hope. It has therefore been a privilege to share the tales of our Earthshot finalists and winners from the center of his hometown.

I think the Earthshot solutions you’ve seen this evening show that we can overcome the toughest problems facing our planet, and that by promoting and scaling them, we can alter the course of human history.

In addition to tonight’s winners and finalists, as well as those who will be discovered in the years to come, he continued, “It is my hope that the Earthshot legacy will continue to expand, fostering the prosperity of our planet and our communities.


Prince William delivered a poignant speech
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And just as the 1960s space race produced jobs, boosted economies, and offered hope, so too can tonight’s Earthshot Prize winners’ innovations.

“We must choose the path of hope, optimism, and urgency to repair our planet because the choices we make now will have an impact on generations to come.”

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