The Prince and Princess of Wales have made an incredible donation behind closed doors

Prince William and Princess Kate’s secret generosity in ‘desperate’ situation

The Prince and Princess of Wales have shown their compassion and generosity by offering to pay for the replacement of all the food that was tragically stolen from a Welsh foodbank.

Prince William and Princess Catherine reacted swiftly to the news that the St. Thomas Church foodbank in Swansea had “no food to give out” after suffering a devastating break-in over the weekend.


The royals take their charity work very seriously
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Reverend Steven Bunting said in an interview with ITV news that “The Prince and Princess of Wales contacted us earlier to offer their love and support,” and that “They would like to replace the food that was taken, so they very much want to do that.”

The royal couple first visited the church in September 2021 as part of their first official engagement as royalty. Following the incident, they got in touch to help save the day.

The reverend mentioned the thieves in his remarks, adding, “I think the likelihood is that it was someone who has previously used us, which makes it all the more sad.

“It would have been easier for us to give it to them if someone had come in and said, ‘I’m absolutely desperate, I need £20.

Throughout the years, William and Catherine have also visited other food banks, most recently Windsor Foodshare, which is close to their Berkshire residence. During their stay at the center, the couple jumped right in and started helping.


Kate revealed her children are aware of the food bank too
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The volunteers at Windsor Foodshare were praised by the Prince and Princess of Wales for their “vital” work while they were there.

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Given that the project is supported by their new school, Lambrook, Catherine revealed that their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, are also aware of it.

After their visit, volunteer Jane Willocks said: “They were a lovely couple. Clearly well-informed, but eager to participate and learn about what we are doing.

Catherine was particularly interested in the quantity and quality of the food. The canned meat, which doesn’t look particularly appetizing but which we can’t serve fresh, was the subject of many of her questions. Additionally, the fact that we provide fresh food like fruit, vegetables, and eggs really impressed her.”


The couple have also made a generous offer
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“They were both very appreciative of the respect we show our customers. Catherine also liked the fact that our young guests learn early on that others are less fortunate than they are.”

Harry, the brother of William, and his wife Meghan Markle gave a £1,000 donation to a charity as another example of their altruism. The Archewell Foundation made a donation to a GoFundMe campaign to support the publication of the book A Colourful View From the Top, which will be a compilation of inspirational tales from ethnic minority business owners.

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