The Prince and Princess of Wales reside at Adelaide Cottage

Prince William and Princess Kate’s Windsor home’s heartbreaking memorial revealed

In September 2022, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis moved with their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, to Windsor. Despite the fact that we haven’t seen inside their private home, we do know a lot about the property, including the fact that it is home to a moving memorial.


Prince William and family reside at Adelaide Cottage
Adelaide Lodge, Windsor


Dash, Queen Victoria’s cherished pet dog, is buried on the grounds of Adelaide Cottage, where the Wales family currently resides, according to the Royal Collection Trust website.

Website text states: “Dash passed away at the end of 1840 and was laid to rest in Windsor Home Park’s Adelaide Cottage. Over the grave, a marble effigy was erected with the following inscription: “Here lies DASH, Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s favorite spaniel, In his tenth year, Dash’s attachment was without self-interest, his playfulness was without malice, and his loyalty was without deceit. Reader, follow Dash’s lead if you want to live well and die regretfully.”

Although the gravestone’s whereabouts at the historic property are unknown, it seems likely that the family would have respected it by leaving it there.


Their property is set within Windsor Great Park


The property has a distinguished botanical past, and an old painting shows that it once had circular flowerbeds and an outdoor fountain.

We’re confident that the grounds’ beauty will endure despite any more contemporary additions—such as slides and climbing frames—that the Wales children may have brought.

The four-bedroom cottage has spectacular views because it is located in the Great Windsor Park estate. Very dissimilar from their apartment 1A in Kensington Palace, where they were living in the inner city.

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When William and Catherine have royal engagements in London and don’t want to travel back to Windsor, it is thought that they still have access to their city home.


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Anmer Hall, a 10-bedroom house on the Sandringham Estate that belongs to the family, is another country residence in Norfolk that royal fans rarely get to see inside.

The Georgian home underwent £1.5 million worth of renovations before they moved in, including a new conservatory, a rerouted driveway, and gleaming new interiors with designer Ben Pentreath’s assistance.

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