The Prince of Wales has the sweetest technique for calming his daughter down

Prince William comforts Princess Charlotte’s nerves in sweet unseen clip

The senior royal status of Prince William and Princess Catherine does not prevent them from publicly expressing their affection for their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have received praise for their nurturing parenting style from royal fans who have frequently been drawn to their physical affectionate displays and hands-on methods. Recently, a video of the father of three, out and about with young George and Charlotte reappeared online, and royals fans couldn’t help but notice the way the Prince comforted his daughter.


Prince William comforts a shy Princess Charlotte in the sweetest way


The Sandringham Half Marathon took place in 2021, and the video from that race went viral this week on Instagram after being shared by a royal fan account. Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined the Prince of Wales as they wished the runners luck before their 13.1-mile run on the regal Sandringham Estate.

As she walked up to the microphone, Princess Charlotte, who was only six at the time, appeared hesitant and shy. In order to calm his young daughter down, William stroked her hair and put his hand on her back.


Princess Charlotte’s confidence has grown since she stepped into the royal spotlight
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Quick to comment on the precious father-daughter interaction were royal fans. “Simply adore the pat he gives her. One fan wrote: “William is such a loving dad. Comforting!” Another concurred: “He’s such a loving and effective father.”

A fourth admirer wrote: “He has the best fatherly appearance! I’ve never seen a video of [the Prince and Princess of Wales’] adorable children where they appeared tense or uneasy. Of course, all kids misbehave when they’re young, but you can see how much their parents and other family members cherish, care for, and love them.”

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Princess Catherine has been quick to comfort her daughter Princess Charlotte in the past
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As they get ready to enter the royal spotlight for the coronation of their grandfather King Charles III, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will probably need their parents’ support more than ever in the upcoming weeks.

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