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Prince William makes exciting announcement amid family summer holiday

Boston will host the 2019 Earthshot Prize, according to the Duke of Cambridge.

The following announcement was made on Kensington Palace’s official Twitter account: “The @EarthshotPrize is back and this year, we’re going to Boston! Added five winners. innovative solutions. more opportunity to save the environment. We’ll see you in December, Boston, for #EarthshotBoston2022.


Prince William at the the inaugural ceremony in London
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Prince William, who is currently on vacation with his family for the summer, revealed in an accompanying video: “In 2022, we’re back and bringing the Earthshot to the USA where we’ll award the next five winners of the prize. Here in Boston, we will carry it out.

The Earthshot Prize, which will be introduced by the Duke and The Royal Foundation in October 2020, was motivated by President John F. Kennedy’s 1960s “Moonshot” campaign, which urged millions of people to support the US space program.


Prince William confirms where the 2022 Earthshot Prize will take place


It is based on five “Earthshot” objectives: preserve and restore nature; address climate change; improve air quality; revive the oceans; and create a world without waste.

By 2030, the top 50 environmental problems in the world will have at least 50 solutions thanks to five £1 million prizes that will be given out annually for the following ten years.

The awards ceremony will take place in the United States, Prince William announced back in October. At the conclusion of the inauguration ceremony, the royal said on stage at London’s Alexandra Palace: “Now, I hope you agree that London and the UK has put on quite a show for our first year.

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Next year’s Earthshot Prize will take place in Boston.


Therefore, for the second year, we must hand the reins over to a nation whose leadership is crucial to the success of all five of our Earthshots. Where else but the country that served as the model for the Moonshot all those years ago?

I’m thrilled to announce that The Earthshot Prize will visit the United States of America in 2022, he continued.

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