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Prince William releases important message on what would have been Princess Diana’s 61st birthday

Prince William has updated his statement in honor of this year’s Diana Award, which is presented annually on what would have been Princess Diana’s birthday.
In honor of Diana, Princess of Wales, and her conviction that youth have the potential to transform the world, the Diana Award was created in 1999.
The nonprofit, which offers mentoring and anti-bullying programs, also honors young people for their admirable efforts. Numerous people and their communities nominate thousands of young people each year to honor these selfless deeds.


Prince William and Prince Harry were exceptionally close to their mother
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Prince William recognized the winners of this year by writing: “Congratulations on winning today’s Diana Award! I am so proud of your efforts because you are a member of an inspiring young generation that is making a difference in the world. Your tales are amazing.

“Even though many of you face significant obstacles in these trying times, you work tirelessly to remove obstacles so that we can all have better futures. I appreciate your kindness, bravery, and unwavering resolve. My mother would be so proud of all of you because you are the epitome of her legacy.”


Princes William and Harry unveiled a new statue of their mother, Princess Diana.


The royal continued, thinking back on his late mother’s creations: “I firmly believe that there is no better way to honor her life and contributions than by praising extraordinary people who spend so much time and energy assisting those around them. I sincerely hope you take pleasure in today’s ceremony because you deserve it and stand tall in the knowledge that you are truly making a difference.”

The mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, who tragically passed away in a car accident in August 1997, was very close to both of them. The siblings frequently discuss “Granny Diana” with their own children in an effort to preserve the Princess’ memory.

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Harry provided a glimpse into his mother’s cheeky side in the ITV documentary Diana, Our Mother, saying: “She was among the worst parents. She would come watch us play football and, you know, put candy in our socks while she was there.


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“And by that, I mean literally returning from a football game while munching on five packets of Starburst. The entire shirt was bulging with candy, so the person looked around before opening the tuck box, throwing everything inside, and locking it.”

William continued, “She was very casual and really enjoyed the laughter and the fun.

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