Prince William’s hilarious childhood nickname for the Queen revealed

Prince William gave his grandmother his own hilarious nickname when he was a kid. But did you know that?

The royal family has its own affectionate and occasionally humorous nicknames for one another, just like any other family. When the Queen was young and had trouble pronouncing her full name, Elizabeth, the nickname Lilibet was created. Her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, also used it.


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It has been widely reported that when William was a young child, he called the monarch “Gary.”

Richard Kay of MailOnline claims that the Queen was present when William collapsed at Buckingham Palace and she yelled, “Gary, Gary.” According to reports, when a visitor enquired about Gary, Her Majesty responded: “Gary here. He still doesn’t know how to say Granny.”

The Queen has many affectionate nicknames from the younger royals, who also call her “Granny” in addition to the term used by her grandchildren.


A two-year-old William at Prince Harry’s christening in 1984                                                                       Photo: Getty Images  


In her first solo interview for the ITV documentary Our Queen at Ninety, the Duchess of Cambridge shared Prince George’s nickname for his great-grandmother: “Only two and a half years old, George refers to her as “Gan-Gan.” When we visit and stay, she always leaves them a small gift or other token of her affection in their room.”

One royal fan revealed in 2019 that the Duchess calls her daughter “Lottie” rather than “Charlotte” and that Prince William and Kate also have their own nicknames for their children.

When Kate was a young student at St Andrew’s School in Berkshire, she was given the nickname “Squeak.” Years later, when she paid a visit to the school, she explained how the name was chosen.

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Kate’s nickname at school was ‘Squeak’                                                                                                           Photo: Getty Images


She explained, “I was given the nickname Squeak, just like my guinea pig. Since my sister was Pippa and I was Squeak, there was one named Pip and one named Squeak.

Popular in high school, Kate was allegedly referred to by her fellow Marlborough College students as the “Princess-in-waiting.”

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