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Prince William’s ‘rubbish’ diet when Princess Kate isn’t cooking

What does Prince William actually eat in private? He has access to the best food in the world, from banquets with foreign dignitaries to his father King Charles’s Duchy Royal Organic British produce.

As part of his first official visit to Cornwall in his new role as the Duke of Cornwall on Thursday, the busy father of three stopped by a community garden in Newquay, where he was unexpectedly questioned about his eating habits by nutritionist Monique Hyland. Happily, William was very accommodating, and the prince described his diet in detail, including the treats he enjoys when his wife, Princess Kate, is away.

Monique revealed to Cornwall Live that William was “a little bit nervous to begin with when I asked him what he ate yesterday” after their insightful discussion at Newquay Orchard. But all of the inquiries were nutritional quiz questions, and William made a strong showing. He was fine at first because he had a healthy breakfast, but by lunchtime William’s diet had changed significantly.


What does Prince William eat for breakfast?


William spoke incredibly openly with the children at the garden


When William visited the community center, he filled out a detailed nutrition form. It was noted that his “healthy breakfast” included two eggs, whole-wheat toast with butter, apple juice, and a cup of tea.


What does Prince William eat for lunch?

William frequently relies on others to buy him food, according to Monique: “He admitted someone had got him a ‘rubbish sandwich’ for lunch,” which he downed with a glass of water.


What does Prince William snack on when Princess Kate is away?


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Kate prefers to cook when the family are home
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He drank a glass of red wine and had a chocolate brownie, according to Monique. The prince seemed to have consoled himself after the “rubbish sandwich” with a less healthy, but very comforting-sounding snack, which was very relatable. William continued by describing the mouthwatering-sounding banana and chocolate brownie and mentioning that, for an additional energy boost, he also liked two to three cups of coffee.

What does Prince William eat for dinner?

The night before his visit, Prince William had a straightforward midweek dinner of white fish, which will have served as a fantastic source of protein for all the walking he did that day while exploring the impressive seven-acre community site.


William explored the seven acres of Newquay Orchard
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Princess Kate revealed in 2016 that while her husband “struggles” with spices, while she enjoys hot food. As a result, William is unlikely to season his dinners with anything too spicy.

Prince William enjoys it when Kate makes him roast chicken, according to Vanity Fair’s previous interview with royal correspondent Katie Nicholl: “In the evenings she indulges her hobby of cooking William’s favorite supper, roast chicken.”


How does Prince William take his tea?

William mentioned he needs a few cups of tea a day for the caffeine boost because “the kids keep me up at night” as he spoke to students at Newquay Orchard. William is the devoted father of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, who is four years old.

Prince Williams drinks numerous cups of tea each day with milk and sugar, according to the nutrition sheet he turned in on Thursday.

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William has a few unusual dietary habits, despite the fact that to us they seem completely normal and relatable.

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