The Prince and Princess of Wales have been married for 12 years

Prince William’s sweet PDA for wife Kate caught on camera – fans react

The Prince and Princess of Wales don’t usually get close to each other, but Prince William did make a touch that was recently caught on camera.

Prior to taking a break from their royal duties to spend the October half-term with their kids, William and Catherine participated in a number of events earlier this month to honor World Mental Health Day.

On one of their outings, the royal couple went to the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in Berkshire for a mental fitness workshop sponsored by Catherine’s charity, SportsAid.


William and Kate embracing at a charity polo match over the summer
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William noticed something on his wife’s face while they were chatting with the parents of the young athletes, and he reached out to touch it.

Then, in the social media video, Catherine is seen flicking her hair and smiling at her spouse.

Royal observers caught sight of the moment and couldn’t resist remarking on William’s gesture.

One said, “He’s a true gent always.”

“So sweet and caring!” Someone else concurred.

One more person said, “Always there for each other.”

Heart emojis were used as a reaction by a large number of other social media users.


The look of love
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After a year of marriage, the Princess and Prince have shown their affection for one another in subtle ways, such as kissing on the cheek or placing a hand on each other’s back.

William and Catherine were spotted holding hands as they arrived at an evening reception in The Bahamas in March 2022, during their royal tour of the Caribbean.

Because the Waleses are renowned for their intense rivalry, they engaged in a head-to-head netball drill during the mental fitness workshop.

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Catherine was excited to play her husband even though she still had two fingers strapped up as a precaution following a recent trampoline accident. As the session came to an end, the Princess attempted to score as William defended the hoop, but she was unsuccessful four times.

At the function, William disclosed that he has been teaching his kids valuable sports lessons, such as “how you can lose well and win well” and “respect your opponent, respect the decision.”


William and Kate went head-to-head during the workshop in Bisham
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He stated, “I try to talk to them about how you can win well and lose well,” in reference to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. That seems like a very important point. They must realize that they cannot triumph in every situation.

“It’s not just sport; there are lessons throughout your life – winning, losing, competing… relationships, whatever it may be,” William continued to advise other parents. Sports were where it all began for me.”

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