The Prince of Wales travelled to Cardiff by train on Tuesday

Prince William’s very private personal item he never shows off seen in new photo

The latest photo shared by the Prince and Princess of Wales on Instagram is a unique picture of one of Prince William’s personal belongings. They frequently post behind-the-scenes photos from their royal engagements.

The 41-year-old future king demonstrated his humanity on Tuesday when he was photographed traveling to Cardiff by train while carrying his iPhone and a personalized notepad on the tray table in front of him.


William was pictured with a folder and his phone on the train to Cardiff
Photo: © Instagram

The caption said, “En route to Cardiff to celebrate seaweed innovation!” and was translated into Welsh.

Though they are rarely seen using their phones during public events, the royal family has been seen using them to snap pictures in their spare time and at significant occasions like the London 2012 Olympics.

William and Catherine are frequently seen smilingly posing for photos while out and about, suggesting that the regulations prohibiting the royal family from taking selfies with members of the public may have been loosened in recent years.


William taking a selfie with members of the public during a visit to Birmingham in April
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William has, however, previously advocated for people to use their phones less and discussed the significance of monitoring screen time.

In 2022, while visiting BAFTA’s London headquarters, the father of three gave a speech to young people who aspired to work in the gaming, film, and television industries.

Regarding George, Charlotte, and Louis, William stated: “Right now, it’s attempting to control gaming—monitoring screen time. Must exercise caution with that.”


William showing Charles and Harry something funny on his phone at the Invictus Games in 2014
Photo: © Getty Images


“They find it fascinating. especially George. It interests him more. Although the other two are currently a little too small, they adore the movies. I also love movies and video games.”

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Additionally, the Prince talked to young people about how much time they spent on their phones in March while on a visit to a youth center in Shepherd’s Bush, west London.

William said to a girl who uses her phone for fifteen hours a day, “That’s quite a lot – I bet you feel better coming here.”

“Grown-ups are guilty of it too,” he subsequently stated. We also need to improve how we use our phones. We use our phones for a long time.”


William speaking with Notpla co-founder, Pierre Paslier in Cardiff
Photo: © Getty Images

William jokes about “Harry Potter” scar

The Prince of Wales made jokes about his well-known “Harry Potter” scar while in Cardiff when he saw a seaweed golf tee.

William brought up his golfing mishap that resulted in a head injury when on a fact-finding trip to Wales to find out more about companies and organizations that are making use of seaweed’s health benefits.

The Prince spoke with Pierre Paslier, co-founder and co-CEO of Notpla, a company that provides seaweed packaging to national stadiums and concert halls.


William’s scar is above his left eyebrow
Photo: © Getty Images


When asked if he played golf, Mr. Paslier replied, “No, the last time I played golf was…,” pointing to his head. The future king then picked up a golf tee made of seaweed, which is designed to biodegrade and fertilize greens.

William, who was eight years old at the time, had a golfing accident that left him with his “Harry Potter” scar during his five years as a student at Ludgrove School in Berkshire.

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