The Princess of Wales was joined by her three children at Trooping the Colour

Princess Charlotte helps mum Princess Kate in sweet Trooping the Colour moment

When Princess Catherine appeared at Trooping the Colour on Saturday with her three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—she delighted royal fans.

The royal and her children arrived at the King’s birthday festivities in a carriage, but the windows eventually steam-rolled over from the wet weather. In order to wave to the gathered crowds, Catherine and Charlotte began cleaning the windows.


Charlotte helped her mum out during their carriage ride
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You may have missed the fact that Catherine’s daughter kindly carried on wiping the carriage’s center window after she stopped wiping to wave.

Charlotte had not only the steamy windows to concentrate on, but also her younger brother, Prince Louis, to watch out for. For a brief moment, the nine-year-old was seen peeking over her shoulder to make sure her rowdy brother was behaving appropriately.

When Catherine and Charlotte got out of the carriage to watch the ceremony on Saturday, they looked exactly alike in their nautical-inspired white and navy outfits and shoes.

As usual, Charlotte’s younger brother stole the show when he made an appearance. He even busted out some dance moves, which made his mother laugh.


Charlotte appeared alongside her family at the event
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Louis was observed dancing to the live music while standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, watching the procession below. He was swaying his shoulders and hips. In the end, Charlotte tried to step in, but Louis ignored her.

The Princess of Wales announced on Friday night that she will be participating in Trooping the Colour. She also shared a heartfelt message and details about her ongoing cancer treatment.

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“I am making good progress, but there are good days and bad days, as anyone undergoing chemotherapy will understand,” Catherine clarified. You have to give in to your body’s need for rest on those bad days when you feel weak and exhausted. However, you want to take full advantage of feeling well on your good days when you feel stronger.”


The Princess of Wales made her first public outing since December
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“I’m getting better at having patience, especially when something is unclear. embracing each day as it comes, paying attention to my health, and granting myself permission to use this crucial time for healing. I sincerely appreciate your unwavering understanding and the courage with which you have all shared your stories with me.

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