The Prince and Princess of Wales' daughter is remarkably similar to Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Charlotte looks so similar to late Queen with ‘determined’ look

Following King Charles’ coronation, royal watchers were ecstatic to see Princess Catherine and her eight-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte dressed alike. However, Princess Catherine is not the only royal to whom she is remarkably similar.

Fans of the royal family couldn’t believe how similar the young monarch looked to her late great-grandmother in a side-by-side comparison photo of Queen Elizabeth II that was recently discovered.


Photo: Instagram

Princess Charlotte and the late monarch both have stern looks directed at the camera in the nearly identical pictures. One person commented, “I’ve always said Princess Charlotte was the image of the Queen… it’s in the look of determination,” and another, “I always said it/ Little princess is her great grandmom’s image.”

Princess Charlotte seems determined, according to another who wrote: “Princess Charlotte is the one you won’t want to mess with. She possesses the brains, the heart, and the courage of her mother as well as the looks and the personality of her great-grandmother.

Other Charlotte admirers bemoaned the fact that she’d make a wonderful monarch. “I wish she had been the firstborn. I wonder if Princess Charlotte might become queen if Prince George decides it’s not for him. One person wrote: “How amazing a queen she would be!”


Photo: Instagram


The comments sparked a debate among social media users. One asked why Prince George might abdicate, to which another responded, “It’s just a gut feeling. He is eerily similar to the late Queen’s father and is extremely self-conscious in public.

Perhaps he will choose to lead a private life as an adult and pass the throne to his sister Princess Charlotte, who is already displaying a steely determination similar to HM the Queen, even at the young age of eight.

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During the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Charlotte demonstrated her personality strength.

As they awaited the loading of her majesty’s coffin onto the royal hearse, Charlotte and her older brother George were captured on camera talking. Charlotte can be heard clearly telling George, who appears to be paying close attention to his sister, that “You need to bow.”


Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth II are remarkably similar


Prince George did indeed bow as the coffin passed them, and admirers of the brother and sister’s tender interaction praised it on Twitter.

They can bring humor to the most serious of occasions, as one commenter put it. I think it’s adorable that she’s directing her older brother, while another person said: “I’m glad they have each other to rely on for support and will look back on this in the future glad they participated in it.”

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