The Prince and Princess of Wales are parents to Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, fourPhoto: Getty Images

Princess Kate and Prince William are so in sync as they coo over sweet baby

During their first joint official visit to Cornwall as The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall on Thursday, Prince William and Princess Catherine delighted royal fans by stopping to chat with locals. However, a cute young girl wearing a sweater with hearts on it caught their attention as one fan in particular.


Princess Catherine couldn’t help cooing over a baby girl in Cornwall
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These images of the Prince and Princess of Wales gushing over the adorable baby girl are so sweet. It was lovely to see William taking similar care of the children as the mother-of-three Princess Catherine is accustomed to doing everywhere she goes. In fact, by making nearly identical silly faces, Catherine and William demonstrated how well-synchronized they are.

The young girl even returned the favor when Prince William gently prodded her on the nose.

When the adorable exchange was posted by the royal’s fan account, @princesscatherineofwales, on Instagram, royal fans gushed about how similar the couple’s parenting philosophies are.


Prince William was pictured doing the very same thing
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They both seem to genuinely enjoy working with young children, one person exclaimed. They are parents because they are so comfortable around kids, added one supporter, while another added, “So beautiful and natural.”

Fans of the royal family shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet about the Waleses possibly having a sibling for Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4.

Although Catherine has previously acknowledged experiencing “broodiness,” she has jokingly said that her husband is concerned about her working with young children because she always comes home desiring “another one.”


The Prince and Princess of Wales are so in sync
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As you can see in the photos below, Catherine frequently interacts with infants and young children as part of her royal duties, especially since the early years are one of her main areas of focus. How fantastic is she with children?

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When the couple arrived in Falmouth yesterday, they were greeted with great warmth.

William and Catherine made the National Maritime Museum of Cornwall their first stop. Even Princess Catherine participated in a model boat race with kids at the museum.


Royal fans loved the sweet interaction
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Another incredibly touching moment occurred when Catherine ran into a former teacher in Falmouth. The two exchanged warm hugs and pleasantries.

Lately, a Norland nanny’s thoughts on Catherine’s parenting of young Prince Louis said a lot about Princess Catherine’s parenting philosophy.

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