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Princess Kate has fans all saying the same thing after sweet outing

The elderly residents of a care facility were charmed by Princess Catherine this week as she paid a special visit to Oxford House Nursing Home in Slough.

The loving 41-year-old royal interacted with the residents by flipping pancakes and playing interactive football.

She also got to meet 109-year-old Nora, one of her earliest fans, and discovered they had a lot in common.


The Princess was a big hit during her visit to the care home
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Shortly after the visit, a post with images from the day was shared on the Prince and Princes of Wales’ Instagram account.

The caption for the picture said: “109 years old…

Hi Nora, nice to meet you!”

“Residents like Nora are cared for in such a cozy and comfortable setting at Oxford House, an award-winning, family-run nursing home in Slough, with cutting-edge technology enhancing their daily lives. I appreciate you having us.”

And we had to take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate #ShroveTuesday, right?


Catherine delighted the elderly residents during her stay
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Fans flocked to the post to leave comments, all of which contained the same message.

“I salute the staff members who look after the residents. Great to have the Princess of Wales here! I really appreciate how much she seemed to enjoy her visit… such kindness! “One penned.

Another echoed: “I appreciate you so much for shining a light on our senior citizens. They are SO PRICELESS…”

Another added: “I adore William and Kate because you can tell they are sincere and caring people. It is not an act; it is sincere. Stunning couple.”

A fourth person added: “”How a society treats its elderly is a measure of that society.” I salute everyone who puts in a day’s work at The Oxford House. Princess of Wales, you did a fantastic job of raising public awareness of our obligation to a group of people who are frequently ignored.”

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The Princess met 109-year-old Nora
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In 1980, Oxford House, a family-run nursing facility, welcomed its first patients. The facility prides itself on offering exceptional levels of care delivered in a warm and comfortable environment. It can provide nursing care for up to 34 residents, assisting them in leading as full a life as possible.

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