Prince William’s wife attended the opening day of the Chelsea Flower Show

Princess Kate involved in two major mishaps in a month

On Monday, Princess Catherine unexpectedly showed up at the Chelsea Flower Show, shocking onlookers.

At the inaugural Children’s Picnic for the event, the 41-year-old royal visited with a number of schoolchildren.

The future queen joined the kids and the kids in a bug hunt, helped plan a home-grown meal, and participated in some drawing on her first trip to the renowned horticultural show since 2019.


The Princess also drew some pictures for the children ????
It’s her drawing but the child’s writing, obviously!
Photo: Twitter


Following that, a picture of a leaf that Catherine had hand-drawn was posted on social media.

The sketch has a caption attached to it stating that it was created by the Princess. Fans, however, were quick to point out a significant error.

Future Queen Catherine, according to the caption, created this.

The Princess’s name was noticeably misspelled, which has happened several times already this month.

The Prince and Princess of Wales made a much-anticipated public appearance in Slough at the Slough Scout Hut as part of the Big Help Out at the beginning of May.

Her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and young Prince Louis served as their very special helpers.


Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis loved tucking into toasted marshmallows during their visit to Slough
Photo: Getty Images


In order to leave a lasting legacy of the Big Help Out’s work, they worked alongside enthusiastic volunteers to renovate the 3rd Upton Scouts Hut in Slough. Work included resetting a path, digging a new soakaway, sanding and revarnishing the front door, adding planters to the building’s front, and adding a mural.

The family decorated the wall with painted handprints to commemorate their visit. Later that day, someone had written the names of the royals next to their prints; however, Catherine’s name was once more misspelled, being written as “Katherine HRH” rather than Catherine.

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The Princess’s name was spelt incorrectly
Photo: royal rota


On Monday, Catherine arrived at the Chelsea Flower Show and settled down on a picnic blanket with youngsters from Hammersmith’s St. Augustine’s Primary School.

The Princess mentioned a plant that smells like chocolate to the kids as they were talking about fruits and vegetables and herbs. “When I was young, I recall my granny showing me that. It has very dark leaves and gives off a chocolate scent when you rub it.”

When she told the students that the school was growing sunflowers, she exclaimed, “They get so big, don’t they?” Louis is raising broad beans at school, it has been revealed. “As soon as you place them in a cup, you can observe the roots emerging. They grow rapidly, much like sunflowers.”

The Princess and some students from St. George’s Church of England Primary School in Camberwell joined designer Mark Gregory to tour the “edimental” garden at the Savills estate.


The Princess was keen to point out different features in the garden
Photo: Getty Images


When picking fennel, mint, and other herbs, Catherine stooped low and instructed the children, “If you rub it between your fingers, you can smell it.”

Additionally, she showed the kids a foxglove and pointed out the opening where bees enter to access pollen. “The bees love that,” she remarked.

She smiled as the kids correctly identified “green” as her favorite color when she asked the kids to guess.

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