The Princess of Wales chatted with school children at the Chelsea Flower Show

Princess Kate quizzed about royal life – and her response is so sweet

The Princess of Wales attended the first-ever children’s picnic at the Chelsea Flower Show, where she provided some additional insight into royal life.

On the first day of the event, on Monday, Catherine, 41, went to lunch outside with students and took them on a tour of the gardens.

One child questioned the royal mother-of-three about being a member of the royal family as she pointed out various features in the various areas.


Kate joined the school children for a picnic
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You have to put in a lot of effort, but Catherine retorted, “You know the best part about it is meeting kids like you.”

When questioned about the duties of the royal family, she responded, “They help support all the different people in the country, showcase all the amazing work being done, and look after everyone.”

The Princess then joined a group of kids in the garden of the Royal Entomological Society, where eight-year-old Solyana Dane collected some tree pollen from the Princess’s hair and was thanked for doing so.

Solyana enquired about the Princess’ enjoyment of gardening.

“She said she does, and it’s her calm place,” Solyana said.


The royal spoke to children about the positive impact of being outside in nature
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When asked what her first priority will be as queen, another student, Saron Fikremariam, 11, responded: “I asked [the Princess] what’s the first thing she is going to do when she becomes Queen and she said she is going to help kids.” How lovely!

It happens just one week after Catherine revealed unexpectedly that she is a royal family member.

At a Dame Kelly Holmes Trust event in Bath, the Princess spoke with a group of students.

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The Princess responded that becoming a “royal” was something she had not anticipated but that she “fell in love” with William when a student asked if she wanted to be one.


Kate visited three gardens at the show
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Dame Kelly said she asked the princess if she saw different “traits” in Catherine’s three children and the royal replied, “Oh yes, definitely.” She then commented on the children’s conversation with the princess.

In order to emphasize the value of nurturing relationships throughout early childhood and beyond, including those outside of “traditional” parent-child settings, the Princess will participate in engagements in London on Thursday.

In her capacity as patron, Catherine will travel to London’s Foundling Museum to meet people who have firsthand knowledge of the foster care and adoption systems as well as foster parents and foster carers.


Kate looked elegant in a pink ME+EM dress
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The Princess “has dedicated her time to raising awareness of the critical importance of early childhood,” Kensington Palace stated in a press release. Shaping Us was introduced back in January by Catherine and The Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood.

The campaign aims to elevate the issue of early childhood from a scientific curiosity to one of the era’s most crucial strategic issues.

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