Princess Kate says Prince William will break with tradition on Valentine’s Day

The Prince of Wales and the Princess of Wales have made light of the fact that they won’t be celebrating a particular Valentine’s Day custom this year.

When launching her early years campaign, Catherine was touring Leeds’ Kirkgate Market when she remarked that she didn’t anticipate receiving any Valentine’s Day flowers from Prince William.

She visited Neil Ashcroft’s florist shop at the market to meet the stall owners and admired his flower arrangement.


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The vendor asked Catherine: “William will be buying you some roses?” and extended a discount as the romantic day was just a fortnight away.

I suggested William will be buying her roses, and she said, “I don’t think he will do,” so Ashcroft gave her a bouquet of hyacinths, which the florist claimed were her favorite flowers.

The future King has been out and about supporting Catherine as she started her historic project, Shaping Up, which aims to emphasize the significance of a child’s formative years.

“The rest of our lives are fundamentally shaped by our early childhood, which spans from pregnancy to the age of five”, Catherine said in a video message to commemorate the publication this week.

But as a society, we now devote a lot more of our time and effort to retirement.


Princess Kate couldn’t help cooing over a baby girl in Cornwall
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“Today, the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood is launching a new campaign, Shaping Us, to raise awareness of the life-changing impact we can have when we create a nurturing and supportive environment for children and the people who look after them.”

The princess also encountered some unwelcome attention during her visit to Leeds in the form of a wolf whistle as she went on a walkabout in the market. It was unclear if she heard the noise because she made no response.

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Catherine took part in a discussion with a group of individuals associated with Child Friendly Leeds, a project that was started in 2012 with the goal of inspiring the city to make Leeds the best place for kids to grow up.

She also paid a visit to the University of Leeds where she spoke with students enrolled in the childhood studies program and overheard one of them discussing his dissertation on the pandemic’s effects on families and schools.


Prince William was pictured doing the very same thing
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In regards to speech and language development and social skills, Catherine claimed that Covid has presented “massive challenges” for kids. She continued, “They haven’t had the opportunities that the film shows are needed.”

“Creative play is so fundamental for the foundations of life,” she said to another student. It’s crucial to be able to build relationships through play in order to lower some of the barriers. However, it’s also a form of self-expression.

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