The Princess of Wales marked World Bee DayPhoto: Getty Images

Princess Kate shares unrecognisable new photo that sparks reaction from royal fans

On Saturday, the Princess of Wales celebrated World Bee Day with a stunning new photograph that earned her the title of “Queen Bee” among royal admirers.

On the Prince and Princess of Wales’ official Instagram account, a picture of Catherine was posted. The Princess was seen donning a full beekeeping suit, a protective hat veil, and Wellington boots. The royal had a broad smile on her face as she attended to a hive and appeared to be hard at work.


Princess Kate looked right at home tending to bees for World Bee Day
Photo: Matt Porteous

We are buzzing about #WorldBeeDay, according to the post’s caption. Today is a great opportunity to spread awareness about the significance of bees and other pollinators in maintaining the health of people and the planet because they are an essential component of our ecosystem.

Quick to respond, royal fans were astounded by Catherine’s seemingly limitless skill set. “Wow. The Princess, is there anything she can’t do? Another remarked, “Princess Catherine, a beautiful Queen Bee.” “Is there anything this lady can’t do?” a third person chimed in. I don’t believe so. Another added: “The Queen Bee herself.”

The goal of World Bee Day is to increase public awareness of both the dangers bees face and their importance to sustainable development. On the island in the middle of the lake, in the garden of Buckingham Palace, there are four beehives. Additionally, there are two beehives in Clarence House’s garden.


Princess Kate has many talents and can also play the piano
Photo: Alex Bramall


Bees forage for nectar from the plants in the gardens of both royal residences. Over the course of the season, they produce more than 300 jars of honey for the kitchens of the palaces, which is enough for them to be self-sufficient. Honey was frequently served in honey madeleines, as a filling for chocolate truffles, or in honey and cream sponge.

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Beekeeping has a long history with the royal family. Queen Camilla was elected president of the nonprofit organization Bees For Development in 2020 while she was still the Duchess of Cornwall. Bees For Development works to improve biodiversity and reduce poverty in more than 50 countries by educating beekeepers.

In addition, Camilla enjoys keeping bees at Raymill, her six-bedroom retreat in Lacock, Wiltshire, which is located 17 miles from the King’s Highgrove residence. Additionally, it is rumored that King Charles likes a little honey in his tea.



Camilla met honey vendors selling jars in the town square in Launceston, Cornwall, last summer. She introduced herself as a hands-on beekeeper who had only lost one colony to the winter’s harsh weather.

Fortnum & Mason sells Camilla’s bees’ honey in order to support charitable causes. The first sexual assault referral center in Nigeria is the recipient this year, and the Queen serves as its patron. She also serves as the president of Bees for Development, an organization that educates beekeepers and defends bee habitats in more than 50 nations.

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