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Princess Kate’s childhood operation she never talks about

The Princess of Wales had a picture-perfect upbringing, and her sister Pippa Middleton shared details of how they spent their school days, but the princess has never spoken publicly about the procedure she had as a child.

Princess Catherine has a three-inch scar along her temple on the left side of her head, which has led royal watchers to wonder how she got hurt. Some have suggested that she might have been hurt during a hockey game.


Princess Kate’s scar is visible beneath her hairline
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A spokesperson for Kensington Palace told E! News in 2011 that the scar was caused by a childhood operation in an effort to put rumors to rest.

No additional information was provided, and Princess Catherine has never mentioned having surgery as a child.

Princess Catherine has maintained a flawless health since entering the public eye during her romance with Prince William, only being publicly admitted to the hospital once while pregnant due to severe morning sickness.

Princess Catherine is different from other royals in this regard because everyone from Sophie Wessex to Lady Louise Windsor has frequently been hospitalized for both injuries and operations.


Prince William also has a scar on his forehead
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The Princess of Wales’ scar resembles the forehead scar that her husband, Prince William, received in a childhood golfing accident.

The future king was struck on the head by a golf club while playing with his school friends in Wokingham in 1991 during a game of golf. The unfortunate incident caused a fractured skull, necessitating a 70-minute surgery at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital and an overnight stay for the eight-year-old.

William’s mother, Princess Diana, spent the night with him. The next morning, his brother, Prince Harry, paid him a visit and they chatted for about 15 minutes before Harry left for school.

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18 years after the incident, Prince William opened up about it in a BBC Newsround interview with a 10-year-old cancer patient.


Prince William spoke with a 10-year-old cancer patient


The royal claimed, “I was playing golf with a friend of mine when I was struck by a golf club.” The next thing I knew, I was hit in the head by a seven-iron that appeared out of nowhere as we were on a putting green.

He continued by saying that occasionally, his scar “glows” just like Harry Potter’s well-known lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

“It occasionally glows, and while some people notice it, others fail to do so.”

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