The Princess of Wales' mum reflexes are so fast

Princess Kate’s reaction to Princess Charlotte’s tumble has royal fans saying the same thing

The Prince and Princess of Wales are frequently praised for raising their three children in the public eye while maintaining a grounded approach.

Most recently, a throwback video from Trooping the Colour in 2018 that surfaced on Instagram brought together royal fans in their response to Princess Catherine’s thoughtful response to her daughter, Princess Charlotte, breaking down in tears.


Princess Kate was quick to comfort her daughter Princess Charlotte
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When the royal children make public appearances, Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, never fail to excite the crowds. However, on occasion, the excitement can be a little much for the young royals.

Princess Charlotte stumbled back in 2018 as she made an appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony to honor the late Queen Elizabeth II’s yearly birthday parade. The three-year-old royal looked up as she watched the flyover before falling and breaking down, which caused her to start crying.

Princess Catherine quickly intervened to console her daughter in front of the crowds, picking her up and cradling her with calm and composure. Fans of the royal family who were moved by the mother-of-sincere three’s response and concern for her young child responded strongly online.


Princess Kate cradled her daughter following her tumble
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“One supporter exclaimed, “Oh….there is no place more comforting than in her mother’s arms!” Another concurred, saying, “Catherine showed her quick super mum reflexes there. Well done!”

“She may be a princess, but she is also a young child. Poor girl. She was about to cry, but Catherine stopped herself because she’s such a great mother “added a third supporter.

Princess Charlotte’s stumble is not the only royal mishap that has occurred in public. During a trip to Pakistan in 1991, the late Princess Diana once fell going up the plane stairs.

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Princess Diana tumbled up the stairs as she boarded the plane
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Diana’s bad day got worse when her flight was delayed for an hour due to a rainstorm after she slipped and grabbed the handrail to steady herself.

We imagine she was relieved to finally board the plane because the windy weather was also problematic for her wraparound skirt.

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