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Princess of Wales prepares for major new tiara moment

Every piece of clothing in Princess Catherine’s exquisitely curated wardrobe is in high demand, making her a true queen of fashion.

But there is one fashion moment in particular that royal fans adore: when the Princess gets to don a tiara.


Princess Catherine arriving at a state banquet for the US President in 2019
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And with the announcement that William and Catherine will play a significant part in this week’s state visit by the president of South Africa, the countdown has now officially begun.

President Ramaphosa will be greeted by the couple on Tuesday at the Corinthia Hotel on behalf of King Charles III. They will then accompany him to Horse Guards Parade, where the President will be given a ceremonial welcome and have a meeting with the King and Queen Consort Camilla.


The royal looked beautiful on her wedding day in the Cartier Halo tiara
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Before King Charles hosts a private lunch at Buckingham Palace, the royal family and the president will participate in a carriage procession along The Mall.

The royal family will dress in their finest for a State Banquet at the Palace that evening. In addition to Prince William and Kate, the Princess will be the center of attention as she models a dress and sparkling tiara.

It will be a unique and memorable occasion. Only three tiaras have been worn by Princess Catherine 11 times.


Princess Catherine wearing the Lover’s Knot tiara
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Princess Catherine wore a tiara for the first time at her wedding in 2011. She wore the Cartier Halo design, which perfectly complemented her Alexander McQueen wedding gown, for the highly anticipated event seen by millions of people. Tiaras are traditionally worn by brides on their special day as a representation of marriage.

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Tiaras are permitted to be worn at official state banquets as well, which is why Prince Catherine wore one in 2013 to the yearly diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace.

The mother-of-three shone in Princess Margaret’s signature Lotus Flower Tiara, which features two adored royal gems: pearls and diamonds. She wore the outfit again in 2015 for a state banquet honoring the Chinese president.


The headpiece was Princess Diana’s favourite
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Princess Catherine often honors her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, and on occasion she does so by wearing a particular tiara. Princess Diana’s preferred headpiece, the Lover’s Knot, is the most popular among royals.

The tiara has been worn by Catherine eight times. She wore the tiara for the same event three years in a row starting in 2015 at the yearly diplomatic reception. The Princess has also sported the jewel to banquets, gala dinners, and receptions at Buckingham Palace.

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