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Princess of Wales’ sweet words about Prince William and Harry’s show of unity

The Princess of Wales has expressed her appreciation for her husband and his brother Prince Harry’s display of unity.

After the Queen passed away on Thursday at Balmoral in Scotland, aged 96, she helped the royal family come closer together.


It was an emotional moment seeing the ‘fab four’ reunite in Windsor
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The reunion of the “fab four” on Saturday was a huge success after Prince William invited Harry and Meghan to visit him and his wife in Windsor.

It was a memorable occasion because it was the first time the brothers had been photographed together since Princess Diana’s statue was unveiled in July of last year.

As she gushed about their family, Kate has now shared the sweet message that led to their union.

She reportedly told a family, “At times like this you’ve got to come together,” according to The Telegraph.

The Princess of Wales also shared with the mourners the moment her son Louis comforted her following the passing of the Queen.


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One onlooker outside Windsor Castle heard Kate overheard saying, “Louis said at least Grannie is with great grandpa now.”

Beautiful pictures of the meeting of Kate, William, Meghan, and Harry were taken.

As they greeted the awaiting crowds, they were all wearing black clothing.

The two feuding brothers came together in honor of their grandmother as the world watched them set aside their differences.

Her Majesty’s casket left Balmoral on Sunday for Edinburgh, where it started its journey to London.


The royal couples joined together to see the tributes outside Windsor Castle
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The funeral service has been set for September 19 at Westminster Abbey in London.

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Politicians and members of the royal family will attend. For the day that the UK will be in mourning for the Queen, King Charles III declared a bank holiday.

World leaders, European royals, politicians, and celebrities have all expressed their sorrow over the monarch’s passing.

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