Royal Fans React to Kate Middleton’s Recent Hairstyle

We all change our hairstyles now and then, but when Kate Middleton does, it makes international headlines. Because the Duchess of Cambridge is one of the world’s most famous and photographed women, fans notice when she deviates from her signature look. This was the case recently when Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife, wore her hair in a style she rarely wears during an engagement for her new role.

What are royal watchers saying about Kate’s new hairstyle?

Kate’s hairstyle, which she wore to show off her rugby skills.

The Duchess of Cambridge is the patron of English rugby and the face of both the Rugby Football Union and the Rugby Football League. Prior to his royal departure, Prince Harry was the patron.

Kate celebrated her new role by visiting Twickenham Stadium on February 2. She spoke with many of the players, coaches, and referees while she was there, and even participated in a training session. She was dressed in a Rugby tracksuit, trainers, and a ponytail.

Royal fans took to social media to comment on her hairstyle, which she doesn’t wear all that often.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s hairstyles are adored by royal fans.

After photos of the duchess’s hair in a ponytail went viral, another photo of her at an engagement with Prince Charles was released, with Camilla’s hair half up, half down. Fans took to social media to discuss both hairstyles, with the majority of them praising Kate’s.

“I admire how she always gets it right. “Way to go, Kate,” one Twitter user said.

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Another person commented, “Like her ponytails and half-updos.”

“Loving it Catherine,” said a third, with a hand making an OK gesture and smiling heart emojis.

“She’s perfect,” remarked a fourth.

A fifth simply wrote the word “beautiful” on the wall.

Kate’s color choice, however, did not go over well with everyone.

Kate’s outfit, which she wore to The Prince’s Foundation with her father-in-law and the Duchess of Cornwall, was also discussed by fans.

One royal watcher tweeted, “Kate nailed winter chic in elegant grey while visiting The Prince’s Foundation today.”

“I really like Catherine’s outfit,” someone else said.

“Nobody wears a coat dress like she does,” another fan added.

Her appearance, however, did not go over well with everyone. “Gray is not her color!” one user tweeted, implying that they don’t think gray is the best color for the duchess. It’s got to be 50 RT of it. I’ve had enough of looking at it. She’s far too lovely to be gray!!!!!”

Kate has worn gray on several occasions throughout her career. Orange is a color that the Duchess of Cambridge rarely wears. She may avoid that color because she knows what colors suit her best, and orange isn’t one of them.

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