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The Amazon gadget Kate Middleton and Prince William swear by for their Instagram videos

You must have seen Kate Middleton and Prince William’s fantastic video posts and stories if you follow them on Instagram. Well, wait until you hear this if you think they have a crew of videographers following them around with big, powerful cameras.

We now know the method behind the flawless videos Kate and her husband produce on their phones.


The Cambridges use a videographer with a gimbal


David Watkins oversees social media and digital communications for the royal couple. He previously oversaw digital communications for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s account, Sussex Royal, and has worked as a global social media coordinator for Burberry.

David is aware that you don’t need an expensive camera to produce videos that look professional; you can easily achieve the same quality by purchasing a handy tool or two.

We were able to see that the social media whiz uses a Gimbal device to get smooth, flawless video because he was caught by the press cameras filming the Duke and Duchess. If you want to copy him, we’ve found a great version of the kit on Amazon.


Kate and William’s videographer gets to work with his gimbal


Both iOS and Android devices are compatible with the Hohem Gimbal Stabilizer; all you need to do is snap your phone into the holder, grab the stick, and start shooting. Now, even if you move, the stabiliser will stop any blurring and shaking, producing a perfect, fluid video.

The clever device offers a ton of other cool professional shooting options, including the ability to track faces or objects so that it moves to follow them as they move and a 360-degree pan mode for shooting expansive scenes. Additionally amazing are the time-lapse and slow-motion features!

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The Duchess of Cambridge shows off filming skills


The battery life is an impressive 12 hours, and it also functions well as a power bank for devices.

If you’re interested in becoming a vlogger, enjoy creating videos for Instagram, or even just for fun, this is a piece of equipment that you simply must have. It’s simple to use, and searching for “Hohem” on YouTube will turn up a ton of tutorials.

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