The Princess of Wales left The London Clinic on the same day as King Charles, who was snapped by over 20 photogaphers

The clever tactic Princess Kate likely used to leave hospital without being photographed

Since Kensington Palace announced more than two weeks ago that the Princess of Wales had been admitted to The London Clinic for “planned surgery,” the details surrounding her hospitalization have remained under wraps.

During Catherine’s 14-day stay at the private hospital, there was only one photo of the Prince of Wales visiting, which is a dramatic contrast to the numerous photos of Queen Camilla that were taken during King Charles’s three-day stay at the same medical facility.


Kate left the hospital hours before King Charles on Monday
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On the same day, Catherine’s father-in-law was let go as well. Furthermore, not a single picture of Catherine was taken, despite the fact that over 20 photographers and film cameras captured King Charles’ departure.

How could she leave without someone snapping at her? You can listen to James Whatling’s commentary on a recent episode of A Right Royal Podcast below. James Whatling, a royal photographer, was present at The London Clinic on the day that King Charles left.

James has heard rumors that Catherine most likely left in a different car without being noticed.

On the day of Catherine’s departure, her personal assistant Natasha Archer—the only person from her team to be featured in pictures—was also seen driving another vehicle while carrying a number of flowers, plants, and gift bags. It is possible that the 36-year-old, who has been employed by the Princess for more than a decade, was returning Catherine’s possessions to Adelaide Cottage.


Natasha Archer was photographed leaving The London Clinic on Monday, seen her back in 2016 during a royal tour   Photo: © Getty Images


Speaking with HELLO!’s royal editor Emily Nash and co-hosts Andrea Caamano and Emmy Griffiths, he remarks, “Some people are saying that the Princess of Wales was in the back of the car, but I’ve studied the picture and I can’t see it.”

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In his own words, James believes Catherine could have “driven out, unhassled.” According to him, all that was necessary was to place the Princess of Wales in a vehicle that was not immediately identifiable as a royal vehicle. Something similar to the unmarked people carriers Harry and Meghan once used would have been cozy.”


Kate is set to return to royal duties after Easter
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This week’s guests include Emily Nash, who explains what it would actually mean if Catherine ever discussed her hospitalization, and Arthur Edwards, who shares a startling fact about Queen Camilla.

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