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The late Queen’s incredible performing talent revealed

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed performing for her close friends and family as well as being known to have a great sense of humor and enjoyed having fun?

Gyles Brandreth, a Countdown star and the late monarch’s biographer, discussed a particularly enjoyable meeting he had with the Queen in the past in which she displayed an unexpected talent in a new interview with Yours magazine.


The late Queen was a multi-talented lady
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“She once sang George Formby’s When I’m Cleaning Windows for me while playing an imaginary ukulele”, the author and presenter remarked.

Also from Gyles: “She was a fantastic impersonator and revealed to me that Florence Desmond, a well-known female impersonator who visited Windsor Castle to amuse the Royal family during the war, had inspired her. The Queen was able to mimic many different regional accents.”

The broadcaster was friends with the late Prince Philip and had known Her Majesty for years.


Queen Elizabeth II died on 8 September at Balmoral
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In his biography of the monarch, Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, he recounts how he learned that the monarch was suffering from myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer, and that she bravely overcame the illness in her final months.

He writes in the book, “I had heard that the Queen had a form of myeloma, bone marrow cancer, which would explain her fatigue, weight loss, and those “mobility issues” we were often told about during the last year or so of her life.”



Although there is no known cure for the condition, there are numerous treatments that can significantly lengthen life. Her Majesty’s official cause of death was old age; according to the death certificate, she passed away at 3:10 p.m.

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The Queen experienced periods of “low energy” after the death of her husband in 2021, according to the book, and she liked to watch the crime drama Line of Duty in her free time.

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