The Princess of Wales continues her recovery at home in Windsor

The meaningful Mother’s Day gift George, Charlotte and Louis may have given to Princess Kate

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will surely spoil the princess of Wales this weekend even though she is recovering at home.

The royal, who is recuperating from abdominal surgery, will celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday. Her children may give her a sentimental gift.

The children, George, ten, Charlotte, eight, and Louis, five, have the option to present their mother with a bouquet of hyacinths and woodland flowers. Catherine has a particular place in her heart for this arrangement because it was used in her 2011 wedding bouquet to Prince William.


The Princess of Wales will mark Mother’s Day with her three children on Sunday
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A representative for Prestige Flowers, Millie Durbak, told HELLO! “A thoughtful bouquet of woodland flowers and hyacinths, symbolising the warmth and love that the Princess and her family share, would be a fitting Mother’s Day present for the Princess.”

“Hyacinths are known to represent steadfast love, while woodland flowers capture the allure of nature, mirroring Kate’s refined taste.”

In addition to flowers, the Princess of Wales may also anticipate homemade cards and possibly some baked goods, as revealed in this week’s issue of HELLO!.

Her husband Prince William, who has been holding down the fort at home, will undoubtedly oversee the thoughtful gifts that the royal children have given her.

Princess Catherine’s admiration for these flowers, according to Millie, goes beyond their simple beauty and has a deeper significance that aligns with her moral principles.


The Princess of Wales had hyacinths and woodland flowers in her wedding flowers
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“Her wedding bouquet, featuring lilies, hyacinths, ivy, and myrtle, symbolises heartfelt wishes for happiness and enduring love in her marriage to Prince William,” she said. “The delicate selection of flowers in her wedding bouquet was carefully chosen to convey heartfelt sentiments for a happy and lasting marriage.”

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After Easter, Catherine, 42, will undoubtedly be savouring every second of her time with her children before returning to her responsibilities. She is relishing being a full-time mother and not having to balance her royal duties and charitable commitments with her family life for the first time in years.

Other royal family members will probably observe the day in a unique manner. Additionally, their favourite flowers reveal something about their distinct personalities and characteristics.

“Queen Camilla’s fondness for Alchemilla Mollis, with its delicate beauty and symbolism of grace and abundance, mirrors her enchanting spirit.” Millie took note.


Princess Kate will be treated to a special day by her loved ones
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Her daughter Princess Anne’s fondness for hellebores, prized for their tenacity and resolve, “resonates with her steadfast nature,” while the late Queen Elizabeth II’s connection to Lily of the Valley, a symbol of purity and sweetness, “reveals her enduring commitment to her people.”

“The selection of flowers by these royal family members goes beyond their appearance,” Millie clarified. “Each choice reflects their individual personalities and values, infusing elegance and sentiment into their lives.”

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