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The Queen celebrates happy wedding news during Balmoral summer break

The Queen, who is usually very busy, recently took the time to send a card to comedian John Bishop’s parents, which was a very unexpected gesture.

The touching card was delivered to the couple in honor of their 61st wedding anniversary, which occurred on April 1st, 2022. The message inside the card, which featured a beautiful image of the monarch, was as follows: “I’m thrilled to learn that you two celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary on April 1st, 2022. I send you my best wishes and congratulations on such a momentous occasion.” Her Majesty’s signature concluded the message.


The Queen celebrates happy wedding news during Balmoral summer break


John shared the card on Instagram and commented, “A lovely thing for Liz to remember my Mum and Dad’s anniversary,” after being shocked that his parents had received it.

Fans were moved by the card and the strength of John’s parents’ bond, with one writing, “A class act.”

My parents also celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on the same day as yours, and they were delighted with their card, the second person chimed in. whereas another added: “Well, that’s a little unique. Many thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Bishop.”

A fourth author wrote: “No easy task. If only more people were like your parents! I hope Mr. Bish and I live to be 60 years old. I wouldn’t change a thing about the 47 so far. Greetings, Mr. and Mrs. Bishop.”


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The Queen arrived at Balmoral earlier this month and is currently taking advantage of her summer vacation there.

She will most likely stay at the estate for several months, and other family members will undoubtedly accompany her.

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The Queen typically visits Balmoral between mid- and end-July and spends her first night at Craigowan Lodge, a stone cottage a mile from the main Balmoral Castle.


Her Majesty has a fondness for Scotland
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Until the 2 August, when her primary Scottish residence closes to visitors, she will live at the seven-bedroom lodge. Before returning to her royal duties, the Queen typically stays in Scotland until late September or early October.

Scotland is regarded as one of the monarch’s favorite countries; she and her late husband Prince Philip even spent a portion of their honeymoon at the estate’s Birkhall Hunting Lodge in 1947.

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