The Reason Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Son, Prince George, May be Leaving London for a While After His 8th Birthday

Prince George has been making headlines after he was seen at the Euro 2020 Final on July 11 alongside his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton. The young prince was looking ecstatic after England’s first goal but shared in the mood that many in the country felt after losing to Italy 3-2 on penalties. But the Cambridge’s eldest son has also been in the news for another reason lately and that has to do with if he’ll be leaving London for a while after his 8th birthday.

When Prince George turns 8


As William and Kate’s firstborn son and the oldest grandson of the Prince of Wales, George has a very high position in the line of succession to the British throne. He is in third place, behind his father and grandfather, who is the heir apparent to Queen Elizabeth’s throne. George’s little sister, Charlotte, is fourth in line thanks to the Succession to the Crown Act which amended the system so that males no longer take precedence over their older sisters. Louis, their younger brother, was born in April 2018 and is the fifth child.

On July 22, 2021, Prince George will turn eight years old.

Why is it possible that George will leave London after his birthday?


Thomas’ Battersea School in southwest London is where George is currently enrolled. However, many royal fans have questioned if he is going to follow in his father’s footsteps and enrol in Ludgrove School in Berkshire when he turns 8. William and his brother, Prince Harry, both went to the boarding school when they were George’s age.

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A royal insider told the Daily Mail that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been looking at Ludgrove and other schools around Berkshire.

“Nothing has been decided and of course they could very well decide to keep the children at Thomas’s, but William and Kate have recently visited schools in the Berkshire area, which has got a lot of people talking,” the source said.

Prince William and Kate shared some big news with George on his 7th birthday

amonn McCormack – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Last year around his birthday, Will and Kate reportedly gave George some very big news.

According to royal author and historian for Netflix’s The Crown Robert Lacey, Prince William and his wife decided to tell George he would be king one day and that is believed to have occurred around the child’s 7th birthday in July 2020.

“William has remained tight-lipped about how and when he told his son the big news. Perhaps George will tell us the storey one day. But it’s believed that around the boy’s seventh birthday in the summer of 2020, his parents went into greater detail about what the little prince’s future royal’service and duty’ would entail,” Lacey wrote in a new chapter of his book Battle of Brothers (per the Daily Mail). “William’s goal as a father, according to the prince, was to provide his son with a ‘normal family upbringing,’ allowing the monarchy to ‘stay relevant and keep up with modern times.’”

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