Like mother, like daughter!

The sweet habit Princess Charlotte has picked up from mum

She looks exactly like her mother! Princess Charlotte has inherited an endearing habit from her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Royal enthusiasts first noted the similarities between the royal mother and daughter’s behavior last year, when Kate performed a virtual engagement.

During a video call with school staff in February 2021, the Duchess was spotted toying with her ponytail.


Like mother, like daughter!


Kate’s daughter Charlotte has developed the same mannerism, according to a royal admirer on TikTok who goes by the handle royalfancams. On her first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea in September 2019, the four-year-old was observed nervously pulling her own ponytail.

Prince William and Kate sent Charlotte off at the school gates with her older brother, Prince George, for her first day of ‘big school.’


Charlotte on her first day of school in 2019


While some fans believe Charlotte resembles her mother, many others believe she is a tiny version of her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.
From the form of their chin and lips to the eyes and hair, the two have an eerie similarity, especially when looking at images of the queen as a little child.

Charlotte also exudes amazing grace and confidence, which the Queen exhibits in some of her early childhood photographs.
Kate recently revealed that her only daughter is taking riding lessons, and the Princess has taken up the Queen’s favorite passion of horseback riding.


The mother-daughter pair like to coordinate


“She emphasized that Charlotte has this passion for horses, and while she doesn’t share it, she’ll do her best to support and encourage it,” Natasha Baker, a Paralympic gold medalist, revealed after meeting the Duchess on an official engagement.

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