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The time Prince Harry thanked the Queen’s horses after happy news

After the birth of his son, Archie, in May 2019, the Duke of Sussex made a surprise TV appearance, and there was one hilarious moment that everyone was talking about at the time.

Harry responded, “I haven’t been at many births, but it was amazing to watch the birth of my son. Without a doubt, this is my first child. But it was amazing, truly amazing. My wife makes me feel so incredibly proud.


Harry turned to thank the horses after his interview
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“Your baby is amazing, as every father and parent would ever say. But this tiny item is simply irresistible. I’m therefore ecstatic. I appreciate you guys very much.

And when the interview was over, he turned to face the Queen’s horses behind him and grinned, saying, “Thanks guys.”

Possibly due to Harry’s cheeky humor or the excitement and adrenaline he was experiencing after welcoming his son into the world, the amusing remark went viral at the time.


Harry and Meghan introduced Archie two days after his birth
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In his memoir Spare, which was published in January, The Duke recently discussed the complication surrounding Archie’s birth.

The Duke of Sussex has finally clarified the situation regarding the royal baby’s birth announcement, which was the subject of much speculation at the time.

With the aid of an unassuming people carrier to get them out of the Portland hospital unnoticed, they were able to return to Frogmore “within two hours of our son being born.”

Even though the baby had already arrived, the press was then informed that Meghan was now in labor. Although it wasn’t his decision, The Duke said that it was “keeping people tuned to the show.”

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Prince Harry had a close relationship with the Queen
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Before the labor announcements were made, Archie was in fact welcomed into the world at 5.26 am on May 6, 2019, it was then officially revealed. A few days later, the parents revealed the name of their son.

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