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The unusual reason Prince Harry didn’t quite fit in at Eton

Along with other well-known alumni like Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston, Prince William and Prince Harry attended the elite boarding school Eton.

While it’s likely that both princes formed strong bonds with their classmates upon graduation, Prince Harry revealed in his shocking memoir Spare that there was a reason he didn’t quite fit in at the illustrious educational institution.


Prince Harry got stuck into sports while studying at Eton
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The Duke of Sussex discussed his extracurricular activities while a student at Eton to highlight how he stood out from the other students. He shared that he initially found starting at the school a shock due to the peculiar lingo used there, and that he ultimately decided that sport would be my thing at Eton.

At Eton, Harry had a distinctive perspective on sports, as he shared: “There were two groups of athletic boys: dry bobs and wet bobs. Dry bobs participated in polo, rugby, football, and cricket. A wet bob might sail, row, or swim.”


Princes Harry and William visited Eton with their mother, Princess Diana
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Ever the individual, Prince Harry made the decision not to fit into any particular category and to participate in all the activities available. I was a dry who got wet occasionally,” he said before going on to say that his favorite sport was rugby.

“I participated in every dry sport, but rugby was my favorite. A beautiful game that also gives you a reason to collide with things severely. Rugby allowed me to vent my anger. I was frightening on a pitch because I just didn’t experience pain the same way other boys did.”


Prince Harry divided opinion with his memoir


The Duke of Sussex also discussed his love of golf in the pages of his book. He said that while his friends preferred to skip class to smoke together, he preferred to head to the Windsor Castle golf course and play some shots.

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Prince William fractured his skull playing golf as a child, showing that the royal family enjoys it but that it can be just as dangerous as their beloved horseback riding.

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