The nine-year-old accompanied his whole family

The very sweet detail you missed during Prince George’s Easter outing

When the Prince and Princess of Wales attended the Easter service on Sunday with all three of their children, they delighted the nation’s royal fans.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and young Prince Louis attended church with William and Catherine, and there was a touching moment that many fans missed.

The family was observed leaving Windsor’s St. George’s Chapel after the church service.


Prince William and Princess Kate arrive for the Easter service with their three children
Photo: YUI MOK


In a touching gesture, Prince William and Princess Catherine let their eldest son George be the first to shake hands with the clergy and thank him for leading the worship while remaining in the background.

Despite being a small gesture, it allowed George to take the center stage and displayed the maturity and assurance appropriate for a future king.

A supporter who participated in the discussion wrote on Twitter: “I believe he is beginning to understand his role in the RF and is observing and learning how his parents handle it. He is also aware of his parents’ support. It’s wonderful to see how self-assured he is growing.”


Prince George leaves the Easter Day service 2023
Photo: Samir Hussein


A second person said: “Look how pleased William and his wife are with their oldest son, I mean! George is developing so well!” One more repeated: “Such a grown-up! Look at how supportive his parents are of him.”

One more added: “My favorite image of the day is this one. He simply makes eye contact and walks comfortably up to his parents to shake their hands.” A fifth was added: “Little by little, his confidence is growing. It’s beautiful to see. Looking forward to seeing him serve as a page at his grandfather’s coronation!”

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Prince George looks back at his family ahead of the Easter church service
Photo: YUI MOK


The King’s coronation procession from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace is scheduled for May 6, and Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are all anticipated to participate.

All three of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ children will participate in the events, contrary to initial reports that only nine-year-old Prince George would have a “significant” role that day.


Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will all make an appearance at their grandfather King Charles’ coronation


Prince George has also been confirmed as a page at his grandfather’s coronation, according to a recent Kensington Palace update. All eight pages will participate in the procession through Westminster Abbey’s Nave while donning matching scarlet uniforms.

A white satin waistcoat with lace jabot—a decorative ruffle or frill falling from the collar—white breeches, white stockings, and black shoes with buckles are the traditional attire for pages of honor. A small ceremonial sword is also carried by them.


William and Kate are incredibly proud parents
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Due to his young age, it is believed that his parents deliberated for a very long time before deciding to allow him to serve in an official capacity.

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