King Charles was diagnosed with cancer after undergoing treatment for a benign condition

What it means for Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet if King Charles abdicates amid cancer diagnosis

The royal family must have had a trying few days following the announcement that King Charles III has cancer.

“His Majesty has been treated for benign prostate enlargement,” according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace. A different matter of concern was identified during this intervention, and it was later determined to be a type of cancer.”


George was trusted to be one of of his grandfather’s Pages of Honour at the coronation
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Royal observers worldwide are wondering what would happen if King Charles decides to abdicate after hearing this news. What matters most is what it will imply for his grandchildren, Prince Archie, Princess Lilibet, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Prince William would succeed King Charles in the event of his abdication, and his spouse, the Princess of Wales, would assume the title of Queen Consort. That would make the ten-year-old Prince George the heir apparent to the British throne.

According to popular belief, becoming a monarch requires a lifetime of dedication, something that King Charles and his son Prince William have demonstrated since they were in school. However, a possible abdication will represent a significant advancement for the oldest Wales child, William, who is 41, and George, who is only ten years old.

However, it’s evident that Prince George has already begun to exhibit the traits of a born leader.


Prince George is following in Prince William’s footsteps
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Global parenting expert Jo Frost, AKA Supernanny, told HELLO! that “Prince William, an assertive intuitive father” is helping his son to act with “calm and confidence” by dressing in suits and ties, participating in events with his parents, and acting with impeccable manners whenever he’s in public.

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“I’ve been informed that Prince George and his grandfather are having more casual conversations,” royal expert Robert Jobson continues in The Daily Express. “You sense, just like William’s relationship with the late Queen, Elizabeth II, when he was an Eton schoolboy, George’s close bond with the King will be important in preparing for his future role.”

“Work experience imparts knowledge. As the future King, William stated to British GQ in 2017 that there is no set rule book and that the royal family is more flexible and interesting because of our differences in practice. It would all be very stifling if everyone went in the same direction. Our personalities differ, and it’s vital to have a range of viewpoints.”

What will happen to Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet if King Charles abdicates?


Prince Archie will become sixth in line to the British throne
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Prince Harry is still the heir apparent to the British throne, despite their tense relationship. His offspring, Prince Archie, age four, and Princess Lilibet, age two, are also entitled to inherit the throne in the event of their grandfather’s abdication.

Right now, his younger sister is seventh in line, and Prince Archie is sixth. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially left their royal duties in 2020 and settled down in Montecito, California; however, given the King’s abdication, it is possible that they will return to the UK to assist Prince William in his transformative new role.

Danielle Stacey, the Online Royal Correspondent for HELLO!, continued, “In the event of an abdication, it was always likely that Archie and Lilibet would carve out their own careers, much like Harry’s cousins, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, even if the Sussexes decided to take on an official role in the future.

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Prince Harry and Meghan’s children currently live in the USA
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“The Duke and Duchess let Archie and Lilibet grow up as private citizens by hardly ever sharing pictures of them. This, in my opinion, will go on until the Sussex kids are older and have the freedom to choose whether or not they wish to enter the spotlight.”

The unity among Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren in expressing their love and respect for her reign was evident during her funeral. A significant royal occasion, like an abdication, might heal the rift between the cousins.

“Prince Harry’s, if fleeting, reunion with King Charles does seem to suggest a path to reconciliation,” Danielle continued. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry said of his father, “I will always love him.” Numerous injuries have occurred. I’m going to keep putting that relationship’s healing first.”


The grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II arriving to hold a vigil around her coffin in Westminster Hall   Photo: © AARON CHOWN


“We also know that Harry called the King on his 75th birthday and he made the trip to the UK last May for the coronation, so they seem to be taking small steps to heal their relationship.”

In British royal history, abdications are exceedingly uncommon; not one has taken place since 1936. But they are more common in Europe; after months of poor health, Queen Margarethe of Denmark recently abdicated to make room for her son, King Frederik.

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