What royal engagement ring stones really mean: Meghan, Kate and more

Not every royal lady has a traditional diamond engagement ring; in fact, Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie,Meghan and others have received unique and colorful jewels from their husbands.

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So, what does their engagement ring reveal about their personalities? To find out, jeweler Ingle & Rhode looked at the personalities of each stone. Keep scrolling to see what royal and celebrity rings really mean, from Sarah Ferguson’s ruby ring symbolizing passion to Princess Anne’s sapphire symbolizing spirituality:


Sapphire – Kate Middleton and Princess Anne

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Although sapphires are most commonly associated with blue hues, such as the one worn by Kate Middleton and formerly owned by Princess Diana, they can also be found in yellows, oranges, and pinks, as seen in Princess Eugenie’s ring from Jack Brooksbank.

Royal blue sapphires, according to Ingle & Rhode, have ancient associations with the highest celestial faith and hope, while their modern significance centers on protection and good fortune. This means that anyone who wears a sapphire engagement ring is said to have strong spiritual ties, ensuring a happy and safe marriage.

So far, the Duchess of Cambridge has a sapphire and diamond ring, Princess Eugenie has a rare pinkish-orange padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds, and Princess Anne has a large oval sapphire in a cabochon setting from Sir Timothy Laurence.


Emerald – Wallis Simpson

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After King Edward VIII proposed to Wallis Simpson in 1937, she received a stunning 19.77-carat emerald engagement ring from Cartier.

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He abdicated the throne in order to marry divorcee Wallis, and the couple had a long and happy relationship until Edward’s death in 1972 – which is fitting, given that Wallis’ green engagement ring is associated with long and exciting marriages.

The gem’s green color is said to represent fidelity, while the gem itself is said to represent renewal and growth.


Ruby – Sarah Ferguson

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The ultimate symbol of love is a ruby engagement ring. Rubies are said to bring love and excitement to marriages, and those who wear ruby rings are said to have a golden heart, as well as patience and courage.

Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband, proposed with a flower-shaped ring set with ten diamonds and a Burmese ruby. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 1996 after splitting in 1992, but they remain close friends and even share the same home, Royal Lodge.


Pink diamonds – Mariah Carey and Blake Lively

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Although it may not be fashionable among the royal ladies, Blake Lively and Mariah Carey have both worn show-stopping pink diamonds, which are one of the rarest diamond colors.

They symbolize a loving and caring marriage, as well as creativity – and judging by Blake’s hilarious relationship with Ryan Reynolds, who proposed with a pink oval diamond with a hidden halo of smaller diamonds designed by celebrity jeweller Lorraine Schwartz, we can see this is true!


Aquamarine – Meghan Markle’s second ring

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The Duchess of Sussex famously wore Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring on her wedding day to Prince Harry in 2018, even though it wasn’t her engagement ring. It was pictured on Meghan’s hand as she headed to her wedding reception, and it was made by Asprey with a 13-carat aquamarine and diamonds and finished in 14kt white gold.

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According to Ingle & Rhode, the light blue color symbolizes communication and courage, so anyone wearing this gem will have a wedding full of honesty and words of affirmation for one another.


Citrine – Queen Maxima

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Yellow and orange gemstones are thought to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity, in addition to their eye-catching color. These characteristics indicate that the bride-to-be will be surrounded by love and affection, as well as a keen interest in all things glitzy and pricey.

Citrine diamonds are owned by celebrities such as Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, and Queen Maxima has worn several pieces of jewelry with the stone, which pays homage to her husband, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, who was formerly the Prince of Orange.

Her unique oval orange diamond engagement ring, flanked by two emerald-cut diamonds, is another subtle nod to the Netherlands’ national color, despite the fact that it is not made with citrine.


Diamond – Meghan Markle and The Queen

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Finally, white diamonds, which represent pure and eternal love, are used in the most traditional engagement ring. Her Majesty’s three-carat diamond ring features a solitaire and five pave diamonds on either side, using jewels from a diamond and aquamarine tiara that belonged to Philip’s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg. The Duchess of Sussex’s rock was made with a stone from Botswana flanked by diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection, while Her Majesty’s three-carat diamond ring features a solitaire and five

Tim Ingle, a jeweler, said: “Diamond shape, band color, and width can all add uniqueness and personalization to a ring, but we believe the color of the diamond is one of the most important features. Each color stands for a different mood, symbol, or emotion.”

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