The Duke of Sussex will be in the UK on 6 May…

What will Prince Harry’s role at the coronation be?

The news that Prince Harry would be attending King Charles’ coronation without his wife Meghan Markle made headlines on Wednesday. Will he participate in the ceremony, though?

I’d be surprised if he had a specific role, HELLO!’s royal editor Emily Nash said. “I think he will attend the ceremony like other members of the royal family without necessarily taking part.


Meghan Markle will remain at home with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet
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But I believe that his mere presence is a significant event given all the hardships his family has faced, particularly since the release of Spare. The fact that he’s coming and is ready to show up on the designated day says a lot.

Blood princes typically take part in coronation rituals that include kissing the King’s left cheek, touching the crown, and paying respect to the king by placing their hands between his and swearing allegiance.


Prince Harry sat in the second row at the Queen’s funeral in Westminster
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Although it has been speculated that only William will perform the ritual in May, Buckingham Palace has not yet made public the official schedule for the day.

The royal procession and an appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony are two additional customs that members of the royal family are anticipated to participate in on this historic day.

As part of a military parade, Charles and Camilla will return from Westminster Abbey in a horse-drawn Gold State Coach, traveling 1.3 miles slowly to the Palace.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, will also remain in Montecito


Harry and Meghan sat in the second row behind The King and Queen Consort during his final public engagement in the UK, the Queen’s funeral. Although Harry’s seat hasn’t been confirmed, it’s most likely to be among other members of the royal family. However, compared to weddings and funerals, seating arrangements at coronations typically follow a different pattern.

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Harry is anticipated to leave the official proceedings as soon as possible and fly back to California to be with his family.

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