Discover why the Duke of Sussex is not present in court today alongside his barrister Mr David Sherborne

Why is Prince Harry not at the High Court today?

Prince Harry, 38, appeared in court on Tuesday and Wednesday and was questioned on the stand for a total of nearly eight hours; however, he was absent on Thursday along with his attorney, Mr. David Sherborne.

So why didn’t the Duke attend the court proceedings on Thursday? He has since completed testifying in court, so he was under no legal requirement to be present.


Prince Harry appeared at the High Court on two days
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He did stay in the room to watch the beginning of questioning against journalist Jane Kerr, who was formerly the Daily Mail’s royal correspondent, after he was taken off the stand on Wednesday at around 2:30 pm.

It is unlikely that Prince Harry will appear in court again right now, and he might leave the UK soon to return to his family in the US. Just as she did when the Duke visited for the coronation of his father King Charles in May, his wife Meghan Markle stayed at home with their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.


Prince Harry has given evidence

What is Prince Harry’s court case about?

Prince Harry is one of many well-known people who has filed a lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), alleging that the publication used unethical tactics like phone hacking to obtain information for stories over a ten-year period.

The royal stated on Wednesday: “I think that at least three of the papers at the time engaged in industrial-scale phone hacking. There is no question about that.


Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy’s relationship was featured heavily in evidence
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“For my entire life, the press has misled me and concealed the wrongdoing,” he continued.

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“I’m not sure what to say,” the defendant says in response to Mr. Green’s suggestion that I am speculating while I am seated in court and aware that the defense has the evidence in front of them.

The discussion included elements of Prince Harry’s early life and was heavily predicated on their previous union with Chelsy Davy.


Harry compared his own experiences with his mother’s
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These kinds of articles gave him the impression that his relationship with Chelsy was destined to fail.

It was extremely upsetting for me at the time that she ultimately decided that a life as a royal was not for her as he continued.

Harry also compared his experiences to those of his mother Princess Diana. Despite what I’ve always heard, my mother was not paranoid. He testified in court, “She was afraid of what was really happening to her, and now I know that I was the same.


Harry will head back to the US to be reunited with his wife and kids
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“Finally, Prince Harry, you have been in that witness box for over a day and a half,” Mr. Sherborne said after the cross-examination.

How has it made you feel to have to read these articles and respond to inquiries knowing that the entire world’s media is present in this very public courtroom?

Harry paused, appeared upset, and finally replied, “Erm, it’s a lot.”

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