The Duke of Sussex faces a long wait over his hacking trial case and here's why

Why Prince Harry faces an agonising wait over landmark court case

In the case against Mirror Group Newspapers, Prince Harry, 38, testified in the High Court last week on Tuesday and Wednesday. He claimed that phone hacking had been used to unlawfully obtain information.

The Duke of Sussex spent a brief amount of time in the UK, but this is why he will have to wait a very long time to learn the outcome of his press war.

As the trial goes on, new witnesses are being called to the witness stand, including Nikki Sanderson, an actress from Coronation Street.


Prince Harry with paperwork outside court


The court case is anticipated to be concluded at some point in June, but Mr. Justice Fancourt, the judge, can take months to consider the evidence before rendering a decision, so it might not be before the end of the summer.

In response to the lawyer’s question last week about whether Harry would be “disappointed” if the court determined that his phone had not been hacked, Harry said: “To have a decision against me and any other people [bringing a claim], given that Mirror Group have admitted hacking, yes, it would feel some injustice… if it wasn’t accepted.”


Prince Harry faces a long wait
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“Finally, Prince Harry, you have been in that witness box for over a day and a half,” Mr. Sherborne said after the cross-examination.

How has it made you feel to have to read these articles and respond to inquiries knowing that the entire world’s media is present in this very public courtroom?

Harry paused, appeared upset, and finally replied, “Erm, it’s a lot.”


Harry’s ex Chelsy Davy came up in court
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What revelations did Prince Harry make in court?

The subject of Harry’s breakup with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy came up frequently, and he spoke about it. These kinds of articles gave him the impression that his relationship with Chelsy was destined to fail.

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It was extremely upsetting for me at the time that she ultimately decided that a life as a royal was not for her as he continued.

Additionally, he talked about his acute paranoia of being constantly watched, saying, “I now realise that my acute paranoia of being constantly under surveillance was not misplaced after all,” after discussing payments made to private investigators who were used to gather information on him.


Harry said he had an understanding for how his mum must have felt
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Harry also compared his experiences to those of his mother Princess Diana. Despite what I’ve always heard, my mother was not paranoid. He testified in court, “She was afraid of what was really happening to her, and now I know that I was the same.

Harry has returned to the United States, where he is now with Meghan Markle, their children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, and his wife. The family lives in Montecito on a sizable estate, which is the most ideal setting for bringing up children. The property includes a sizable play area, an outdoor swimming pool, and lots of open space.

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