Prince William is first in line to the throne

Why Prince William’s current situation mirrors the late Queen’s before her reign

Prince William has undoubtedly been going through a very trying moment right now because of the health issues that his father, King Charles, and wife, Princess Catherine, have been facing. While Catherine was undergoing abdominal surgery, Charles recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

The royal family is undoubtedly going through a difficult moment right now, but Prince William has had a lot on his plate. In addition to taking care of the couple’s three children—Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte—he has also been carrying out royal duties while his father is receiving treatment.


William and Kate celebrated the King and Queen’s coronation in May 2023
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Royal journalist Robert Jobson discussed in an interview with A Right Royal Podcast how William’s current circumstances are very similar to those of his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, who assisted in assuming her father’s responsibilities after he became ill with cancer in 1949. After her father passed away at the age of 56, Elizabeth eventually became Queen at the young age of 25.

“It seems like he’s experiencing something similar to her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth when she was 25 years old,” he clarified. “Being thrown into this job abruptly, which is honestly all-consuming.”

Robert mentioned that Queen Camilla would continue to carry out her royal duties, saying, “I saw her the other day, she was in good form.” Although she stated she would carry out her entire schedule of events, I don’t think we should expect her to transform overnight into Princess Anne. Instead, I think she’ll spend a lot of time assisting the King!


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The King and Queen with William and Kate at Diplomatic reception
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“In my opinion, Princess Anne is in an entirely different circumstance; she has been doing this since she was a young child and obviously carries the Duke of Edinburgh’s perseverance genes. Currently, the Queen fulfills roughly half of her duties, many of which are collaborative.

Following his diagnosis, William’s brother Prince Harry made a quick trip to the UK to see King Charles. The two of them spent forty-five minutes together at Clarence House before Charles took a helicopter to Sandringham. William, meanwhile, carried on as usual. On Wednesday morning, he presided over an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle and then went to a lavish dinner to raise money for the London Air Ambulance Charity.


Prince William shared a close bond with his late grandmother
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“I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you, also, for the kind messages of support for Catherine and for my father, especially in recent days,” he said in a speech made during his visit. It is very important to all of us. “It’s fair to say the past few weeks have had a rather’medical’ focus,” he laughingly continued. I therefore reasoned that I would attend an air ambulance event to escape everything.

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