Prince William's wife has a rebellious streak in the form of nail polish

Why Princess Kate’s revolutionary red nails weren’t her first rule-breaking moment

The Princess of Wales is the royal family’s golden girl. The mother-of-three is a beacon of elegance, loved by all and always perfectly primed and polished for any occasion. However, did you know that she doesn’t always follow the rules? That’s right, even the most devout of royals, like Princess Catherine, enjoy a little bit of subtle rule-breaking.


Princess Kate has rocked red nails on the rare occasion
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The glitzy royal is renowned for experimenting with color in her wardrobe, but her inventiveness extends to her beauty regimen as well. When she and Prince William were on a royal tour of Germany in 2017, Princess Catherine couldn’t help but get a red pedicure, seemingly breaking royal protocol.

Why? The late Queen Elizabeth II allegedly disapproved of bright nail polish. Royals are expected to maintain immaculate nails at all times, and the go-to color is Essie’s “Ballet Slippers,” which has received royal approval. The classic shade, which costs only £7.99, is reportedly the royal ladies’ preferred choice when having their nails done.


Princess Diana also experimented with fiery manicures which departed from traditional royal protocol  Photo: Getty Images


Except if you’re Princess Catherine, who has flaunted a red pedicure on numerous occasions, from chic Easter Sunday events to sunny summer outings.

The royal’s decision to wear red nails may have been a subtle nod to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, another royal who enjoyed wearing funky nails.

Most notably, the People’s Princess made her manicure debut in June 1994 while wearing her well-known “revenge dress.” Before attending a Vanity Fair party at the Serpentine Gallery, the royal made a last-minute but legendary outfit change, putting together one of the most famous looks in the grand canon of fashion history.

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Princess Diana famously painted her nails red for her iconic ‘revenge dress’ moment in 1994  Photo: Getty Images


Another royal who is not afraid to stray from accepted standards of beauty is Princess Eugenie. Through her unconventional beauty choices, which have thus far gone unnoticed, the expectant mother has revealed her rebellious side to royal admirers. In comparison to the current and former Princesses of Wales, Eugenie’s eclectic nails go even further with festive reindeer nail art, classic red French tips, and midnight black.

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