Father and son only spent a very short time together at Clarence House

Why the King was ‘enormously touched’ by Prince Harry’s trip to the UK

Just hours after it was made public that King Charles had cancer, Prince Harry, the son of the monarch, moved from California to London to be with his father during this difficult time. This brought tears to the eyes of royal fans.

After just a brief visit at Clarence House, the father and son parted ways, with Harry heading back to the United States to rejoin his wife Meghan Markle and their two kids, Archie and Lilibet, and Charles taking a helicopter to Sandringham. But Emily Nash, our Royal Editor, talked about why His Majesty would have valued Prince Harry’s efforts greatly.


Prince Harry was in the UK for 25 hours
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She said, “I’ve been told that the King would have been enormously touched by Harry’s gesture, and it was very much Harry’s decision,” in an interview with HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast.

“Not to be forgotten, this is a son who hasn’t had any quality time with his father in over a year. No matter how challenging their relationship has been, something like this forces you to put that aside and concentrate on getting back in touch. I think that’s only right, and the King would have definitely approved of it.”

“But I do believe that this is not the situation where they can really build bridges,” the woman continued. Even though it will take some time, it’s a really pleasant moment and it’s good to have Harry back here. Even though he was only in the UK for twenty-five hours, perhaps this will open doors for further communication.


Harry flew back to London to see his dad
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In fact, in a recent podcast episode, journalist and royal expert Robert Hardman told HELLO! that the King would “love” to make amends with his son, saying that “the King’s] an optimist, he’s not confrontational.” He seems to firmly believe that things can be resolved and that they can work things out, in my opinion. I believe that would please him.

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“There are some things that are not negotiable,” he continued. Harry and Meghan are not allowed to be half royals; they are not allowed to come and go. However, I believe a viable partnership could develop. [Charles] would definitely appreciate that.

Following his hospital visit for surgery on an enlarged prostate, Charles was given a cancer diagnosis, according to confirmation from Buckingham Palace. “A separate issue of concern was noted during The King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement,” the statement stated. A type of cancer has been identified by further diagnostic testing.


Prince Harry lives in California with his wife, Meghan
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“Today, His Majesty began a regimen of routine medical treatments. Physicians have advised him to delay engagements with the public during this time. His Majesty will carry out routine official paperwork and State business during this time.

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