Discover why it's an important week for the Duke of Sussex

Why this Friday is such a significant day for Prince Harry

This Friday is a historic day as the landmark legal case against Mirror Group Newspapers comes to an end. Prince Harry, 38, was in the UK earlier this month to testify at the trial against the company.

When word of the trial’s conclusion is received, the royal is most likely to be at his residence in Montecito. Shortly after spending two days in court, he returned to his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, in the United Kingdom.


Prince Harry was in London for his court appearance
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According to Prince Harry, over a ten-year period, newspaper groups used illegal means to gather information about him in order to publish stories.

Along with the Duke, other well-known celebrities have testified in the case, including Michael Le Vell and Nikki Sanderson from Coronation Street.


When will the verdict of Prince Harry’s trial be revealed?

Even though the case will be concluded this week, the judge, Mr. Justice Fancourt, can take months to consider the evidence before rendering a decision. As a result, a resolution might not be reached until after the summer.

Since the Duchess’ Spotify deal ended, surprising listeners of her podcast Archetypes, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have experienced a string of professional setbacks.


Meghan’s podcast ran for one season


In addition to a joint statement from Meghan and Spotify, Meghan confirmed the news on her website, writing: “I loved getting my hands dirty, working late into the night in bed, on the writing and creative. And I enjoyed having deep, meaningful conversations with my interesting and diverse guests while also having fun and learning from them. It truly has been a labor of love.

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Additionally, the Daily Mail reported that the couple attempted and failed to obtain a patent and trademark on the term “Archetypes” for their company.


The couple run Archewell together
Photo: Matt Sayles for the Archewell Foundation


In happier news, Harry is counting down the days until the Invictus Games in September.

There was a lot of excitement surrounding the event earlier this week after the two hosts of the Invictus Games 2023 were made public online.

More fantastic news about the opening ceremony was revealed in a social media post that featured two black and white images of the hosts. Confirmed: our wonderful hosts. Steven Gätjen and Hadnet Tesfai will guide everyone through the night.

“Hadnet Tesfai is a well-known presenter and DJ who has hosted the opening show of the Berlin Film Festival in addition to having her own TV show, podcast, or radio show.


Harry is counting down to the Invictus Games
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Steven Gätjen, her counterpart, is a well-known TV personality who hosts programs like “Joko & Klaas gegen Pro7,” “Schlag den Raab,” and the Academy Awards broadcast. The film expert Steven Gätjen hosts his own podcast called “Kino oder Couch,” where he talks about movies, television shows, or his personal life.

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