Charles is Harry's maternal uncle

Charles Spencer breaks silence after Prince Harry’s surprise arrival in UK

On Monday, Prince Harry surprised those who were keeping tabs on the royal family by showing up unannounced at London’s High Court.

Harry, 38, traveled from Montecito to attend a court proceeding against the Daily Mail’s publishers, ANL (Associated Newspapers Limited).


King Charles pictured with his two sons
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A number of well-known people, including The Prince, have filed lawsuits alleging that private information was misused and that illegal information was gathered.

A family reunion appears unlikely despite Harry’s presence in the capital – he is rumored to be staying at Frogmore Cottage prior to his eviction.

He won’t likely run into either Prince William or King Charles.

Additionally, the royal family has remained silent regarding Harry’s return in accordance with protocol.

Charles Spencer, Harry’s maternal uncle, also holds this opinion.

Charles is close friends with both William and Harry, but he has chosen to stay out of the public controversy that has surrounded Harry’s explosive claims in recent months.

And after Harry went back to the UK, he similarly decided to concentrate on his personal life.


Charles Spencer with his wife Karen Spencer
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Charles posted a stunning picture of a raptor on the grounds of Althorp, the ancestral home of the Spencer family, in the hours following the release of the first photos of the Prince.

Buzzard closely observing me in Althorp’s garden, the 58-year-old wrote as the caption of his picture.

The fact that Harry will likely be staying at Frogmore for one of the final times before it is turned over to the Crown Estate makes his trip back to the UK bittersweet.

Harry and his wife Meghan have yet to formally announce their plans to attend the coronation of the King in May. The Sussexes might stay at Frogmore if they attend, but royal observers must wait and see if they travel.

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In 2018, not long after Harry and Meghan’s wedding, the late Queen Elizabeth II gave them use of the cottage. However, the property is actually owned by the Crown Estate.


Harry and Meghan have not confirmed their coronation attendance
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Harry and Meghan made about $3 million worth of renovations to the cottage between 2019 and 2020, when they stopped living as “working royals,” but they have since paid back the cost in full by making a donation to the Sovereign Grant.

The couple relocated to a foreign country in January 2020, first to Canada and then to their current $14.7 million residence in Montecito. Nevertheless, they did occasionally travel back to their home in Windsor, including in June 2022 to mark Lilibet’s first birthday and in the days following Queen Elizabeth’s passing in September.

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