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Kate Middleton says the sweetest thing about Prince William in rare comment about the future

The Duchess of Cambridge has delighted royal fans after saying the sweetest thing about her husband, Prince William.

Kate openly praised her husband of 11 years, Prince William, during her recent engagement in Cardiff for the Platinum Jubilee, after a royal watcher predicted she would one day be a great “Princess of Wales.”


The royal couple were in Wales last week
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Kate addressed her husband in a video shared by Twitter user @hellen3030, and replied: “That’s very thoughtful of you. I’m in capable hands.”

Prince William and Kate have been known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since their wedding in April 2011. When Prince Charles succeeds to the throne, the royal couple will be given new titles.

When in England, William would take on his father’s titles and become the Duke of Cornwall, and when in Scotland, the Duke of Rothesay, while Kate would take on the same titles but as a Duchess.


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The couple will almost certainly be given a new title. While many people believe William will be the next Prince of Wales because he is the first in line to the throne, the title is not hereditary. It is given to the heir apparent at the sovereign’s discretion.

Prince William and Kate were joined by their eldest two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, for their first official outing in Wales for the engagement in Wales.

They stunned onlookers with their music and technical prowess during a surprise visit to Cardiff Castle during rehearsals for the Platinum Jubilee Celebration Concert taking place in the grounds. Charlotte jumped at the chance to conduct the orchestra in a performance of the Disney film Encanto’s We Don’t Talk About Bruno.

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Meanwhile, George, who is expected to be given the title of Prince of Wales one day, took command of the technical booth, taking full advantage of the chance to experiment with the sound and lighting decks by asking what all the buttons meant.

Before leaving to return to the London celebrations, they met a number of performers, including singer Bonnie Tyler and drumming weatherman Owain Wyn Evans, and greeted hundreds of well-wishers.

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