Following the triumph of Sunday's Coronation Concert, the Big Help Out is getting underway

Prince Louis’s first royal engagement! All the photos

The Big Help Out is currently underway, capping off a joyous weekend for the country that began with Saturday’s historic ceremony in Westminster Abbey and was followed by Sunday’s star-studded coronation concert.

On the additional bank holiday, the public has been urged to sign up for hundreds of thousands of volunteer opportunities with more than 1,500 charities.


Prince Louis took control of a wheelbarrow as he helped his mother take part in the Big Help Out during a visit to the 3rd Upton Scouts Hut in Slough
Photo: Daniel Leal

While the King and Queen won’t be making an appearance in front of the public today, other royal family members have. The Prince and Princess of Wales have been helping out at a Slough-area scout hut with their kids. Prince Louis, her expressive youngest child, has a special nickname, which Princess Catherine has just revealed.


Prince Louis was keen to fill up his own wheelbarrow
Photo: WPA Pool


Louis, Charlotte, and George make an unexpected appearance!

As part of the Big Help Out, the Prince and Princess of Wales made a much-anticipated public appearance together on Monday by volunteering at a local scout hut in Slough.


Prince George of Wales helped out with some woodwork
Photo: Daniel Leal


Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and young Prince Louis served as their very special helpers.

The family braved the bad weather to make one last public appearance as a unit during the coronation festivities.


Prince Louis had a chance to sit on his dad Prince William’s lap as the royal drove an excavator
Photo: WPA Pool


In order to leave a lasting legacy of the Big Help Out’s work, they worked alongside enthusiastic volunteers to renovate the 3rd Upton Scouts Hut in Slough. Work included resetting a path, digging a new soakaway, sanding and revarnishing the front door, adding planters to the building’s front, and adding a mural.


Princess Kate with Louis and Charlotte at the Big Help Out
Photo: Daniel Leal


Little Louis had a big day because it was his first official royal engagement. He assisted Charlotte with painting a planter as one of his first jobs. It was clear that the two youngest kids were getting white masonry paint in their hair and on their bare legs as they knelt down and grabbed brushes dripping with it.

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Prince George tried his hand at archery during their visit
Photo: Daniel Leal

‘You might want to be a painter when you grow up?’ a fellow volunteer questioned Louis. “No, a fighter pilot,” he answered. The woman retorted, “Just like your father and grandfather!”

When the five-year-old saw his older brother, Prince George, who is nine, operating a digger, he told his mother, “I want to go in with him!” The young prince even got to operate a digger with his father, the Prince of Wales.


Princess Charlotte helped stain some wood at the scout hut
Photo: WPA Pool


The young prince sat on his father’s knee and dug a massive hole in the ground, clearly in awe.

Louis’s mother Catherine proudly observed as he filled a wheelbarrow with builder’s sand on his own initiative. She suggested, “A little bit more,” and then inquired, “Do you want a hand, are you sure you can manage?” Louis didn’t even respond because he was so preoccupied.


Princess Kate also had a go at archery during the Big Help Out
Photo: Daniel Leal


His sister and brother were equally active in the day’s events. Princess Charlotte assisted in staining a fence while wearing pink and denim shorts.

Even the future king George was spotted using a drill while being observed by a scout leader. The nine-year-old was the picture of concentration as he carefully placed a screw into a hole and drilled it in. He was wearing chinos, trainers, and a puffer coat.


Prince Louis, five, also had a go!
Photo: WPA Pool


Toasting marshmallows over a campfire was the three young royals’ reward for all of their hard work. Louis was adamant about how he wanted his sweet treat prepared, repeating loudly two times, “I like mine just like this.”

And as they were huddled around the fire, Catherine revealed her affectionate moniker for Louis: “Lou-Bugs.”

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Princess Kate gave Louis a helping hand
Photo: Daniel Leal


The entire family also tried their hand at archery, and Princess Charlotte easily defeated both of her two brothers with a score of 10, or a bullseye!

Louis demonstrated that he has inherited his parents’ competitiveness by hitting the target with a bow that was as big as he was. He enjoyed it so much that he continued to run back to get his arrows and keep shooting, multiple times hitting the target. Louis, I know you can do it,” Catherine urged.


Prince Louis added his handprint to a mural
Photo: WPA Pool


Simon Carter, the head of the scouts, later revealed for the media that the family had driven themselves to Slough, adding, “Generally, they had a really, really relaxed time, which was probably what was needed after the last few days.”

He added, when asked how Louis had behaved during his first engagement, “He was really excited. At the conclusion, they were each given a Big Help Out badge, and as a result, each received a Scouts scarf.


Princess Kate toasts her marshmallow alongside Louis
Photo: Daniel Leal


The local mosque, a senior citizens contact group for members of the Asian community, the Scout group, and other community organizations all use the 3rd Upton Scouts Hut, which was built in 1982.


The family were presented with Scouts scarves after their efforts
Photo: Daniel Leal


The facility is also used by “Slough All Nations,” a group with roots in St. Kitts and Nevis that organizes recreational and leisure activities to enhance health and wellbeing and foster a sense of community. Since 2020, the Princess of Wales has served as the Scouts’ joint president.

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