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Prince William and Kate Middleton pictured diving in incredible new photos from Caribbean tour

During their Caribbean tour in March, Prince William and Kate Middleton had an incredible time, and newly released photos show that they hit a lot of highs – or, rather, lows.

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Matt Porteous, the official royal photographer, took to Instagram to share a series of clips and photos from his time photographing the couple on their tour.


Kate Middleton diving off the coast of Belize ( Image: dukeandduchessofcambridge/Instagram)


With some jaw-dropping snippets, he revealed that he had captured the royal couple while they were deep sea diving, swimming around while sharks swam right past them in the beautiful blue water.

“It was an absolute privilege to photograph The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their week-long tour of the Caribbean last month,” he wrote.

“We saw some beautiful people, friendly smiles, breathtaking landscapes, and pristine oceans along the way, and here are some highlights.”


William explores the sea bed while diving in Belize ( Image: dukeandduchessofcambridge/Instagram)


The stunning images of the two from their trip, interacting with several dignitaries and experiencing the delights and beauties of the local culture, left many in awe.

During a speech at the conclusion of their visit, the Prince said: “Tours to other countries provide an opportunity to reflect. You gain so much knowledge. What prime ministers are thinking about. Schoolchildren’s aspirations and hopes The difficulties that families and communities face on a daily basis.”


Kate and William admiring the underwater wildlife ( Image: dukeandduchessofcambridge/Instagram)


He said, in response to the debate over whether each of the three countries should secede from the British monarchy and become republics: “This tour, I’m sure, has brought questions about the past and future into sharper focus.

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“That future is up to the people of Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas to decide. But we’ve had a great time spending time with communities in all three countries, learning more about the issues that are most important to them.”


The couple re-emerges after their dive ( Image: dukeandduchessofcambridge/Instagram)


The future king went on to say: “Catherine and I are dedicated to helping others. That, in our opinion, is not telling people what to do. It’s about using the platform we’re fortunate to have to serve and support them in whatever way they see fit.

“That is why tours like this reaffirm our commitment to serving the Commonwealth’s people and listening to communities around the world.”

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